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Registered: ‎01-12-2015
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Re: Welcome Aboard

Hey Josh. I can't move the focus zoom window even with the the grip attached. Are you able to?
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Registered: ‎06-08-2015
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Re: Welcome Aboard

Took me a month to get my verification e-mail! I sent it 56 times over the past 30 days. Tried all of my business e-mail accounts.. not a one got any e-mail from Sony. Finally in desparation, tried a personal e-mail address and got the verification. Not very professional, but at least I got the e-mail, until Sony fixes whatever prevents these mails from going to commercial e-mail accounts.


I have the FS7 for a week now. Amazed with the images, but frustrated by the flaky, erratic operation of the menus.


Scopes and waveforms only work in HD mode. Can't turn MLUTs on or off--they're greyed out in Cine EI mode.

I've had the camera lock up on me once when switching CODECs. And the mic preamps on mine are no good for music (lacks deep bass) after firmware 2.0. A fellow owner with firmware 1.2 has better sounding mic preamps. I wish Sony would stop crippling the mic preamps! I also own the EX1 and EX3 cameras, which are phenomenal audio mic preamps. I record pipe organs to pyrotechnics with them and have fantastic audio. Not so good with the FS7. I hope that gets fixed in the next firmware, back to a flat 20-20KHz like it was with FW 1.2.


Overall I'm pretty happy with FS7, but there are no lenses that compare to the kit lens, but wider. I've tried some 'recommended' lenses, but they are not cine lenses, and cannot be manually focused with any accuracy, not to mention the optics are poor compared to the kit lens. Right now, I've got a bunch of Rokinon Cine primes to tide me over until something becomes available in the form of a 16-50 zoom.

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