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About Me
  • I started my career at Sony 13 years ago, and have since worked in a number of positions. I began as a technical support representative, specializing in computers and networking setups. From there, I worked in our Knowledge Base group writing solutions for a number of products including VAIO computers and Baby Monitors. Because of my technical background, I was promoted to help program our support system, which our agents now use to assist our customers. Soon after, I helped launch the design changes for our support web site. Since November 2012, I’ve served as Community Manager for the Sony Community. These past 13 years have been a lot of fun and I really enjoy being part of the Sony family!

I will be talking about the latest updates on what is happening inside the Sony Support Community, including current topics, and highlighting the new features and areas we are creating for you to explore. Check in often to be the first to know what's new and what is right around the corner.

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