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I bought these headphones several months back. They sound nice, they fit well. They give me some trouble connecting with my PC and with my Android phone via Bluetooth, but I can manage. The one thing I can't figure out and would like some help with is the mic. One reason I bought this particular set of headphones was because it had a mic. I was planning to use it to chat on websites and in online games. But my Windows 10 laptop doesn't list the headphone mic in my possible mic choices, and neither does the website I wanted to use ( or the online game (Lord of the Rings Online). They only show my laptop's built-in mic, or my webcam's mic. How can I get the mic on my MDR-XB950BT to work? Thanks.

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Re: MDR-XB950BT Mic

Hi Barongreystone,


Welcome and thank you for considering SONY Community!


This specific model supports the following Bluetooth profiles:


A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile): Transmitting or receiving audio content of high-quality.

AVRCP (Audio Video Remote Control Profile): Controlling A/V equipment; pausing, stopping, starting playback, etc.

HSP (Headset Profile): Talking on the phone/Operating the phone.

HFP (Hands-free Profile): Talking on the phone/Operating the phone by hands-free


Please check the supported Bluetooth profiles of your device.







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Re: MDR-XB950BT Mic


Bluetooth Version and Profile Support in Windows 10 (Windows Drivers)

Windows 10 for desktop editions in-box Bluetooth profiles:


Profile Description


Bluetooth LE Generic Attribute (GATT) Client

A2DP 1.2

Advanced Audio Distribution Profile


Audio/Video Remote Control Profile

DI 1.3

Device ID Profile

DUN 1.1

Dial-Up Networking

HCRP 1.0

Hardcopy Cable Replacement Profile

HFP 1.5

Hands-Free Profile

HID 1.1

Human Interface Device

HOGP 1.0

HID over GATT Profile

OPP 1.1

Object Push Profile

PANU 1.0

Personal Area Network User

SPP 1.2

Serial Port Profile


If your headphones require a driver or other software in addition to what is included with Windows 10 Home 64 bit, please let me know. As I've said, I can use the headphones to listen with my laptop, but the headphone mic isn't available as a choice. Only my laptop's built-in mic, or my external webcam's mic, are listed as available options in Windows. And yet, Windows shows my headphone as working properly.

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Re: MDR-XB950BT Mic

Hi, I'm still waiting for support...

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Re: MDR-XB950BT Mic

Sony is an international corporation but can't find a support rep who can clear this up?

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Re: MDR-XB950BT Mic

I've got an issue with this headset, I am trying to use the headset mic while I'm playing a game.


When I look in the input configuration of any application it only lists the hands-free option.

When I select the hands free option the Stero Headset stops working.

When I select the hands free output option the sound is horrible and I constantly hear every little sound in the room.


How can I get the Mic to show up using sterio, and for it to not play itself back through the speakers?


Thank you.



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