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Re: Sony MDR-1000x does not support multiple bluetooth connections.

I can connect to my MacBook Pro 2016 or my iPhone however it only connects to the last device used. To swap I need to put the headset in Bluetooth seek mode then connect from each device manually. Bit of a pain as I constantly swap between these devices.  Is somy planning to upgrade the driver, is that even possible, otherwise I may sell them and get a qc 25. It's a sha,e as they are very cool headsets, awesome sound.

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Re: Sony MDR-1000x does not support multiple bluetooth connections.

Hi Rawprawn,


Welcome and thank you for considering the SONY Community!

For further assistance regarding your concern, please contact the Sony offices/Sony representative offices nearest to your place of residence in Asia Pacific region Due to proximity, they are in a better position to respond to your questions or concerns.




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Re: Sony MDR-1000x does not support multiple bluetooth connections.

You can just disable the other device's bluetooth temporarily, then hit connect from the other device.

That's what I do with my iPhone 7 and MBP.

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Re: Sony MDR-1000x does not support multiple bluetooth connections.

I was super frustrated with the lack of multiple connectivity, needing to turn the headphones off and back on and hold the power button for 7 seconds to switch devices. However, I discovered easy steps to switch between all of your devices without needing to turn them off. I wrote up instructions to switch between iPhone, Mac, Windows 10, and Android, all without the need for the 7-second button press to enter pairing mode (except for the first time on iPhone and MacOS)


1. Switching between iPhone and Mac

OSX and IOS do not support NFC pairing/connecting. As others in this thread have noted, the headphones can only connect with IOS and OSX devices if Bluetooth on the headphone is disconnected. First, you have to pair with both devices by switching the headphones off and back on, holding the power button for 7 seconds when turning it on to put it into pairing mode. Once both devices are paired and show up in your Bluetooth menu you can switch between them easily. So if you want to switch from an iPhone to a Mac, you will need to disconnect Bluetooth on the iPhone first, either by disabling bluetooth or by entering Settings app -> Bluetooth -> MDR-1000X (tap the blue (i)) -> Disconnect, then click the Bluetooth icon in the MacOS X menu bar -> MDR-1000X -> Connect. To switch back to the iPhone, simply click Bluetooth icon in the menu bar -> MDR-1000X -> Disconnect and then open the Settings app on the iPhone, tap Bluetooth, then tap the MDR-1000X name (not the blue (i)) and it will connect straight away.


2. Switching to a device that uses NFC pairing (Windows 10, Android)

Devices that support NFC pairing can automatically pair with your headphones without needing to disconnect the previously connected device, so it's a little simpler if all of your devices support it. It doesn't matter if you're switching from another NFC device (e.g. Windows 10 or Android) or a non-NFC device (IOS, Mac OS), touching the left earcup with the NFC reader should bring up a dialog on the device with the NFC reader and allow it to connect without manually disconnecting from the previous device.


3. Switching from a Windows 10 to a non-NFC device (iPhone, Mac)

In order to make this work, you need to disconnect the headphones from Windows. Windows connects to the headphones as both stereo headphones as well as a hands-free device and both need to be disconnected before a non-NFC device will be allowed to connect. To do this, right-click on the speaker icon in the system tray and open "Playback Devices." You should see two MDR-1000X devices, one "Headset" and the other "Headphones." Right click both of them and click "Disconnect." and then your headphones are disconnected and you can connect from the iPhone and Mac using the steps in item #1


4. Installing a working NFC reader on a Windows 10 desktop/laptop

I use Windows 10 on my home computer that I like to watch movies on and wanted to NFC pair my headphones with it, but it doesn't have a NFC reader. So I did some research found the Sony RC-S380 USB NFC reader (about $40) to automatically pair them: and it works really well. Plug it in, install the drivers from the Sony site, and touch the NFC reader to the left earcup, and Windows will bring up a dialog box offering to connect to the headphones.


5. Switching from Android to a non-NFC device (iPhone, Mac)

I haven't tested doing this, but I assume that there is a way to disconnect the headphones and make them available for connecting to the Mac or iPhone. But at worst, all you really need to do is disable Bluetooth through the control widget. Once you have disconnected from Android it is simple to connect to iPhone or Mac using the steps to connect in section 1.




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Re: Sony MDR-1000x does not support multiple bluetooth connections.

Following up  on my previous post.. Disconnecting your headset from an Android device is easy: I tried this on a Samsung Galaxy Note 5, it may be different on other handsets. Swipe down from the top and touch the "Quick Connect" button, then you should see the MDR-1000X as Connected, just tap Disconnect and your headset will be disconnected from your Android device. Once it's been disconnected, you can connect to a non-NFC IOS or MacOS device that you have previously paired with by selecting the MDR-1000X from the Bluetooth menu on the IOS/MacOS device (as in step 1)

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Re: Sony MDR-1000x does not support multiple bluetooth connections.

After reading this thread, I'm definitely gonna buy the QC35, sorry Sony, maybe next time.

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Re: Sony MDR-1000x does not support multiple bluetooth connections.

Wow, thanks for the great write-up mdr1000xuser!


I have gone with the sennheister pxc-550 though so it just works with all devices without switching issues.  Also, it ****** to have to do that when a call comes in, meaning that you can't complete the call on the headphones if you are listing to music from your computer at the time the call comes in.

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Re: Sony MDR-1000x does not support multiple bluetooth connections.

At this point I think perhaps I should have returned these headphones before I took a vacation, they have developed cracks in the headband right at he hinge on both sides while sitting unused for over a month. The connectivity issues alone have made me regret my decision before, but now...


This is really too bad since there's no comparison in audio quality in this class. The Bose QC 35 sonds flat by comparison, the built in amplifier works for both wired and wireless audio. The noise cancellation has some rough edges, but is generally better than Bose, having a wider general use case than "on an airplane" while still having a bit of noise and pressure that should be tuned (using the built-in optimiser helps). Note that with the amplifier off most portable devices cannot properly drive these headphones on their own, so you woul dneed an additional device to drive most other headphones that are comparible in definition...


As for wireless connectivity, the Bluetooth functionality is so completely amateurish it's shocking. Customer support and the documentation report that the MDR-1000X supports multiple device pairings simultaneously, but it may as well not, since one device or the other will be unusable. Even if you only pair the device entirely with one device this is a problem, as unless the device completely switches between using the "media" and "phone" (terminology varies, Windows uses "Stereo" and "Hands-Free") modes, the input will be broken or muted completely.


Functionally you "can" connect the MDR-1000X to two devices, but they cannot actually be sending data at the same time, as the device's firmware (and possibly hardware) lacks the functionality to maintain both connections simultaneously. This is particularly sad, since every other medium range bluetooth headset includes this functionality. Most vendors allow you to toggle between paired devices yourself, Bose allows for 6. My Plantronics earpiece can fully pair with a laptop and phone, automatically switching without needing worrying about whether "media" or "headset" are disabled on one device or the other. Notably the "Headset" audio quality is also quite bad. Introducing a wired connection completly diables wireless connectivty, preventing you from using it as a phone headset while enjoying music from another source.


Importantly, I'll say again, if connected to a computer with both headset and stereo audio capability (to enjoy that high quality sound), you cannot use the microphone and high quality audio connection at the same time (A2DP, LDAC, etc.). e.g. you must use it only as a standard (low qualit)y bluetooth headset, or listen to music at good quality, going out of your way to disable the other function. In Windows even having software open using the microphone input will mute the A2DP connection as the coomunication channel is in use.


This is embarrasing for such a product to be so obviously deficient in a way that should be it's strength. At this cost, implementing a Bluetooth device with simultaneous multiple channels should be trivial, and other companies show that it is.


TLDR: The connectivity configuration for this device will have unexpected shortcomings for MOST users, and the headband may crack unexpectedly (possibly due to being if stored in a very dry environment).

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Re: Sony MDR-1000x does not support multiple bluetooth connections.

@orbatos, I totaly agree! I cannot understand how all the tests do not mention this issue, since it is essential to a lot of people on the road or in an office. And foremost, I cannot understand Sony. Not only putting $400 headphones on the market, which cannot deal with multipairing as other 100 bucks ones do, but also dealing with this issue here. "Please contact the nearest customer support to your location..." excuse me? These headphones are a global product and this problem has nothing to do with my location. Fix it and don't shunt customers and don't ignore their problem, but fix it!


Also: No reasonable way to change the ear pads. Seriously, wt*? As I said, these are $400 headphones and the ear pads a wear off article, which has to be replaced when used often. It is unbeleavable what Sony allows itself the last couple of years. Kinda great products but with lack of something here and there and also this kind of basicly non exsicting support. No thanks.

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Re: Sony MDR-1000x does not support multiple bluetooth connections.

I recently bought these headphones and also have this issue with not being able to pair to both.


Anyone have a solution?  The bose QC35 has an app which can allow me to select the devices to connect to.  Looks likesuch simple solution isn't available for the MDR1000X?


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