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Registered: ‎01-23-2018
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Re: WF1000X firmware updates?

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Crypton, i did exactly the same, and only this, and it worked.
The not blinking right and pushing button + dismounting apple watch did it!


EDIT: ****** Yeah, forget to tell the Apple Watch User: If u turn your Apple Watch off and think " Ahhh why not, at least i am gonna charge it if its worthless right now"


NOPE - Dont put your watch, after you turned it off, on the charger, it will turn on automaticly again and srew your update Smiley Very Happy

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Re: WF1000X firmware updates?

I am using Sony Xperia XZ premium .I managed to download once and it went thru successfully. After the new update it seem Bluetooth signal connectivity improve.
g0p Rookie
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Registered: ‎02-23-2018
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Re: WF1000X firmware updates?

I confirm zero success and 100% frustration at not being able to update firmware

iphone 7 with latest ios11 version

sony headphone connect 3.0.0

earbuds 1.0.5


i feel like getting the mallet out and applying it with great force to two earbuds


the one thing I cannot understand and continually occurs is that...

the buds pair with the phone at the beginning

the upgrade routine asks to pair again when they are already paired... why?

then I have two pairs

then software downloads quickly

then bombs out on the install routine after a minute or so with” connection failure”


i give up 

I haven’t used these buds and probably never will


SONY!!!! Are you there and listening?

Do nothing and you have lost me as a customer for ever more.....



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