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WH-1000xm2 auto shutoff 'feature' is terrible. It doesn't have to be

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Gripes from a Millennial:

I recently purchased a WH1000xm2, thinking of it as an investment for continuing education. As a college student, the noise cancelling has been great for busy cafes and libraries with deep thrumming AC systems. For the most part, the headphones are more than satisfactory for creating a bubble of focus in a variety of circumstances.


That said, I have a huge gripe about one 'feature' (bug?) of the headsets.


The headphones shut off completely after five minutes if no bluetooth or physical cable connection is established. This makes a lot of sense coming from the perspective of preserving battery life: nobody wants to accidentally drain the headphones when they weren't using it.


However, it's hugely dysfunctional to users like me who might want the noise-cancelling feature more than the music-playing feature. I have to either pull out a clunky cable unconnected on one end, or connect to my phone via bluetooth and let the connection needlessly drain my phone battery. The 30 hour headphone battery is very impressive. Unfortunately, my poor phone will not last standby for 30 hours with bluetooth on. On certain days, the bluetooth connection has been the biggest source of battery use on my phone.


I feel like it doesn't have to be this way.


One of the great features about this headset is the programmability. Certain settings can be changed via the app, and from what I can tell, the onboard memory will store that information even when disconnected from the phone. So why not create a setting for auto-shutoff? Let the user assume the level of potential battery waste. Glaringly, a certain manufacturer of quiet and comfortable noise cancelling headphones has a very similar feature to the one described above for their newest cans.^


From what I can gather, this problem was unsolvable on the MDR 1000x, because it had no smartphone connection ability. This model does, and it seems almost silly to not include this feature. I mean, if Sony can accommodate the (literally) dozens of people who need their music to be produced from an outdoor stage at their back right, why can’t Sony accommodate countless students like me who want some silence no strings (physical or bluetoothy) attached?


Please help me get Sony's attention. It would make the headphones so much more usable


^Bose QC35's have auto-off timer options in the app, configurable to 5m, 20m, 40m, 1h, 3h, or never.

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Re: WH-1000xm2 auto shutoff 'feature' is terrible. It doesn't have to be

Hi Curious_dan


Welcome and thank you for considering SONY Community!


Sony takes into consideration all feedback to improve the performance and quality of our products and services. We're always looking to make Sony better. We appreciate your time sharing this feedback.


Also, you can share your ideas to help us improve our products. Please visit the link below:






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Re: WH-1000xm2 auto shutoff 'feature' is terrible. It doesn't have to be

Agreed! I first only used these headphones listening with bluetooth, but I just got back from a trip and discovered the auto-shutoff "feature." I was under the impression that noise cancelling headphones where pretty much invented to help travelers sleep on a plane, but you can't do that with these if they keep turning off. I had to stick a earbud plug on the jack, but that's not convenient (I kept pulling it out accidentally).


It does seem like an easy software upgrade. What's the problem, Sony?

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Re: WH-1000xm2 auto shutoff 'feature' is terrible. It doesn't have to be

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thank you for the generic reply, and the link to post on a generic thread. just like most of the threads in this forum, it only has user posts, but no actual replies.

This problem is a true deal breaker, and I hope other people do not miss it when they do their research, like I did. From what I see this issue has been brought up long time ago, and ignored, so my expectations are low.

If you plan to use the wireless headphones to get more than 5 minutes of sleep, make sure you plug a wire into it.

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Re: WH-1000xm2 auto shutoff 'feature' is terrible. It doesn't have to be

One inelegant workaround suggestion - perhaps the next time you receive a pair of disposable headphones from a flight, or if you have an old set that you would otherwise recycle, you could cut off the wire and just put the headphone plug into the jack to simulate a connection.  

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Re: WH-1000xm2 auto shutoff 'feature' is terrible. It doesn't have to be

I now regret buying the WH-1000xm2. I should have bought the Bose QuietComfort 35 II because they do have the auto-off timer options in their app. I hope Sony will do something about this in their app aswell. I am still hopefull they will acknowledge this problem.

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