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Bravia Sync causes HDMI dropout with sony TV and soundbar

Several times an evening (up to as many as 10-12 times), the TV picture goes off and then comes back on again, briefly showing HDMI Video1 in a grey bar at the top of the screen. Sometimes the "no input" message also appears at the bottom of the screen before the picture comes back on. Every few days the "no input" message appears and the picture does not return until I do one of either: (i) an HDMI reset (turn everything off, disconnect, then turn back on and reconnect the HDMI cables one at a time); or (ii) select home with the soundbar remote, which does not show on the screen, but I know it defaults to the USB input so I do an up-left-left to select TV, press select, and then the TV shows the message that I can listen to music from my TV and need to select an input, which I then do using the TV remote to select HDMI1 - and the picture comes back on.


If I turn the Bravia Sync on my TV to "off' this problem does not occur!


I have a KDL-40v5100 with soundbar HT-CT790. My Rogers cable NEXTBOX is connected to HDMI1 on the TV. The soundbar is connected from its ARC HDMI connection to the TV HDMI2 (plus optical cable connected for audio because this TV does not have an ARC HDMI).


Bravia Sync allows me to use just one remote (for most functions), and was a major factor in my decision to go with the Sony soundbar. What should I do to have Bravia Sync turned on, and not keep losing my TV picture?


The software is up to date (ER4 12-E327), and I have tried all the resets. I am using Sony or Rocketfish high speed HDMI cables, which I have switched around, and replaced with another cable to check there are no cable issues.


I should point out that the dropped HDMI signal occurred before I attached the soundbar, but only rarely. Since attaching the soundbar the problem has become far more frequent. Also, I have two other connected devices: a Sony BluRay player connected to the soundbar HDMI1, and an old stereo receiver connected to the TV using RCA cables to give me a headphone jack which neither the TV nor the soundbar provide.


Thank for your help.



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Registered: ‎12-28-2016
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Re: Bravia Sync causes HDMI dropout with sony TV and soundbar

A couple of additions: (i) To suggest turing Bravia Sync off if it is not working - as suggested in other posts - is NOT a solution; (ii) I tried connecting my cable box to the sound bar MDMI 3 instead of the TV - as suggested in another post - but intermittent signal loss still occurs (also, the Bravia Sync no longer enables me to use the TV remote to control volume with this setup, and turning on the TV requires several additional steps to switch the sound bar to the HDMI 3 input).
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Re: Bravia Sync causes HDMI dropout with sony TV and soundbar

Hi Fae45,


Welcome and thank you for considering the SONY Community!


We are sorry to hear what happened. This link is designed to help direct you to articles regarding how to use, set up or troubleshoot issues when using the HDMI ARC input of your audio video device.,67/kw/How%20to%20use%20and%20troublesho....


Additional steps to follow can be access in the next link to isolate issues with bravia sync:,67/kw/How%20to%20use%20and%20troublesho....


Hope this helps. Goodluck!


Best regards,



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Registered: ‎12-28-2016
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Re: Bravia Sync causes HDMI dropout with sony TV and soundbar

I appreciate your effort to help, but those links have nothing to do with the problem I describe! In any case, I have explored extensively to find a solution, and I have seen those generic help pages before, and found them to be no help whatsoever.


I know this is not a new issue, but I can only find suggestions to turn the HDMI Control feature off (not a solution), or comments on HDMI issues when non-Sony equipment is being used (not my situation), or various connection and reset suggestions (I've tried all these, to my knowledge, and none have worked in my case - except temporarily, in some cases).


I cannot believe it is a manufacturing defect in the HDMI port if I can fiddle with the soundbar and TV menues and get it to work again, at least in those situations when the intermittent dropped signal turns into a 'no input' message. I did not do any unplug/plug back in or resets, just select TV on the soundbar home menu (which I guess at because nothing shows on the TV screen) then select the HDMI input for my cable box from the TV's input menu.


The fact that selecting menu options can 'temporarily' fix this HDMI problem suggest, IMHO, that it's a software glitch, not a service issue - and I am trying to get a fix to this Sony malfunctioning software so I can watch TV without constant interruption. (I also understand that Sony did at one time release a software update that was supposed to fix this issue - does not look like they got it right!)




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Re: Bravia Sync causes HDMI dropout with sony TV and soundbar


Is there any updates on this issue? I'm having the same problem with my Sony KD-49XD8305. I'm using external tv box with hdmi cable connection. And problem occurs mainly on the HD channels. However when I try the procedure with my laptop there are no actual picture losses but again briefly appears the gray HDMI input bar on the top of the screen.

Please advice what should I do.

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