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Registered: ‎01-01-2013

Can't hear dialogue on movies with CT260 Sound Bar

HI, I was watching an action movie on my new CT260 sound bar, and the music/sound effects were at a good volume, but whenever a character talked I could barely hear them.  Are there: 


1. Settings I can adjust?

2. Placement/orientation of soundbar/ subwoofer that may help with this issue?


Thanks for your help! 


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Re: Can't hear dialogue on movies with CT260 Sound Bar

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Hi Danc,

You may try changing the SOUND FIELD setting in the Sound bar system to a different sound field. Refer to page 29 of the supplied user manual for information regarding changing the SOUND FIELD setting.

If you are watching the movie at a low volume level, set the "NIGHT" function to ON. This will let you enjoy sound effects and hear the dialog clearly even at a low volume level
Press the AMP MENU to turn on the AMP menu.
After that, select [NIGHT] and set it to ON.
Press AMP MENU to turn off the AMP menu.

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