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Center speaker sony bdv-n7200 doesn't work properly

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I bought myself a new home cinemaset today and i can't get the centerbox working while watching a dvd or bluray for example.
While testing (in the settings menu) the centerbox works fine. But for some reason while watching a movie, the dialogue is mostly getting from the front right speaker and not from the center speaker. Actually there is not even a single sound getting out of that speaker while listening to anything, except while testing in the settingsmenu. Help?
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Re: Center speaker sony bdv-n7200 doesn't work properly

Hello Brandonth, 


Greetings and thank you for your message. Since the center speaker is working when you performed the auto calibration to test the levels on each of them we suggest trying the following steps to help solve the issue you have described since each step presents a possible solution:


  1. Try a different SOUND FIELD by pressing the SOUND FIELD button repeatedly during  playback. You can also use the Option button and then select SOUND FIELD.
  2. Try changing the following options through the menu: 
    • Press HOME
    • Select SETUP
    • Select SOUND EFFECT then SOUND FIELD ON and set it to either Dolby Pro Logic  or DTS Neo:6 Cinema / DTS Neo:6 Music
  3. If the issue persists select SPEAKER SETTINGS under the AUDIO SETTINGS:
    • Under the speaker layout select STANDARD.
    • Select CENTER SPEAKER and make sure that is set to ON
    • Select LEVEL and increase the levels up to + 6.0 dB. for all speakers.
  4. Test the unit.
  5. If the issue persists try resetting the unit back to factory default settings: 
    • Press the POWER button to turn the power on using the buttons on the unit.
    • Touch the STOP and [VOL –] sensors simultaneously and hold down (around 5 seconds).
    • The message “WAIT” then “RESET” will show on the display of the unit and then it will enter the Standby mode. 
    • Follow the steps for the initial setup process and then proceed to test the unit, it might also require to follow the previous changes suggested through the menu.


If my post answers your question, please mark it as "Accept as Solution"

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Registered: ‎12-29-2016
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Re: Center speaker sony bdv-n7200 doesn't work properly

Thanks for the reply... i did find the solution myself yesterday.. it only works when i turn the sound effects completely off.
In my opinion it is a bug in the software. The sound field should be the option to choose if you want to get the sound as it was meant by the creators.
When i turn all the sound effects off and i watch a blu-ray or watch a serie on netflix the dialogue is coming from the center speaker and the others sounds from the other speakers.

When i watch a dvd, blu-ray or netflix i turn off all the sound effects and when i watch regular tv or something like that i choose dolby pro logic.
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Re: Center speaker sony bdv-n7200 doesn't work properly

I have a bdv-n7200W with same problem.


I solved it with factory reset (reset all) from the option menu



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Re: Center speaker sony bdv-n7200 doesn't work properly

As you can read above i did solve this a while ago:

Setup-> audio settings -> Sound effect -> off (turn the sound effect off)

The “problem” lies within the software, when you have selected a sound field (for example with your remote control), the sony software creates particulair sound effects as meant by sony and not the creators.
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Re: Center speaker sony bdv-n7200 doesn't work properly


1) before the factory reset, with sound effects on (sound field, Neo6 or ProLogic) dialogues getting from right speaker
2) after factory reset, with same sound effects ON, dialogues getting from center speaker correctly.

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