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Registered: ‎05-08-2017
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HT-NT5 will not allow access to set up menu and has limited functionality

I've had an issue with this unit since May of this year.  My original t.v was the XBR65X930D which quit working after a software upgrade from April.  Sony replaced the unit with the newer model XBR65X930E which was great.  The problem with the soundbar began once I connected it to the new t.v, there were never any issues when connected to the original unit.  The soundbar does not turn off when the t.v. turns off and does not respond to the remote control or the power button on the face of the soundbar.  Also, the remote control will not grant access to the home menu nor will it navigate to the setup screen.  Therefore, I can't enable the HDCP functionality on the HDMI inputs to connect my PS4 Pro or the upcoming Xbox One X. Additionally, having no access to set up menu excludes the option of software upgrades or a factory reset. Any tips or assistance would be much appreciated.  The warranty is good until January.

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Registered: ‎03-12-2018
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Re: HT-NT5 will not allow access to set up menu and has limited functionality

I have a similar issue, but my problem seems to be self-inflicted.  I wanted to listed to Pandora while watching TV, so I plugged the auxillary cable into the AUX jack.  I could either listen to music and have a blank TV screen, or watch TV and listen to the TV audio, but not watch TV while listening to music.  I went through the SETUP and changed HDMI CONTROL from AUTO to OFF.  That solved the problem, and now I can watch TV and listen to music.  HOWEVER, now the TV remote doesn't turn the sound bar on or off like it used to and I can't get the HOME menu to appear on the TV so I can change the settings back.  If I hit HOME on the sound bar remote, "HOME" is displayed on the front of the sound bar, but the menu doesn't come up on the TV.  I chatted with Sony customer support.  They told me to reset the HDMI CONTROL to AUTO by going through the menu but, duh, I can't get to the menu.  They told me to unplug both the TV and the sound bar for 2 minutes and then re-start both.  That didn't work.  Any ideas?  If someone can view the menu and tell me how to get back to the HDMI CONTROL function, I would appreciate it.  I know I have to hit the up arrow a couple of times, and the right arrow to get to SYSTEM SETUP, 

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