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Registered: ‎11-20-2017
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HT-ST 5000 What am I doing wrong?

Bought this soundbar and a 75 inch SONY 900E.  I am loving the TV, but the soundbar is frustrating me beyond belief.


First of all, the sound quality seems to vary greatly.  Seems very loud when I am watching TV, but when I stream a 4K movie from my new 4K Apple TV I have the sound on max and while its acceptable, its certainly not very loud.


I also notice some lagging in the dialogue with the picture.  Annoying to say the least.  Can this be fixed?


Perhaps worst of all, the soundbar seems to change input from my TV (ARC) to HDMI one (nothing hooked up there) every time its turned off, so my TV has no sound and I have to go in to the soundbar menu and play with the inputs to get it back to my TV.  This has happened no less than 8 times in the one day I’ve had it.


I am ready to return this thing tomorrow.  Anybody got any fixes I can try?  It doesn’t look like the high end alternatives - BOSE or Sonos - work well with the Sony TV, which I love, so I am wondering what my best option is.




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Re: HT-ST 5000 What am I doing wrong?

Returning it seems to be the right idea. This is supposed to be a finished product not a science project to experiment with. I'd give the tech support one go at it in the phone and then return it if the issues are not resolved to your satisfaction. Don't wait for any promises of firmware updates because they may never fix it. They should worked out this product before shipping it. With some companies, you know there are going to get things right so you can hold on to the product while a update is put into place. With Sony, there's not guarantee that the product will be any better than it is today. If it's not cutting the mustard, bail. They bail on customers too early so there's no reason not to bail on them.
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Registered: ‎12-06-2017
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Re: HT-ST 5000 What am I doing wrong?

I had an issue with it switching to TV input.  I turned "Standby Through" to off, and it stopped auto switching.  Does mean you have to turn it off manually.

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