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Registered: ‎03-10-2014
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Re: HT-ST9 Soundbar Dead

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Hello LordKiRon,


Thank you very much for your detailed information.  Some details you provided support a current theory for this root cause of this issue.  In this case, your connection to design is very short, I work directly with them to identify and resolve market issues that we are able to replicate, which is why determining the root cause is so important.


Hello everyone else,

I understand your frustation concerning your product and I appreicate everyone's help.  Anyone else that can confirm the connection information will be able to better support our theory and findings.  After I am able, I'll provide more information to everyone.


Thank you,




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Re: HT-ST9 Soundbar Dead

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Thanks, it would be nice to hear what is it your theory Smiley Wink

If you say that according to your theory connecting sound bar to my new Samsung UE65MU9000 TV , while keeping Solo 4K streamer will help avoid the problem I might consider to repair it once more, after all it's a good soundbar .. when it works Smiley Sad


Personally I can think of 3 "theories":


1. Power spikes burn something in microcontroller

2. Wrong/unsupported HDMI signaling burn something in microcontroller Smiley Happy (especially ARC is under suspicion)

3. TV send to soundbar's HDMI EPROM some handshake/calibration data that "confuses" the software, triggering some bug creating all this "please wait"  behavior. However this should be cleared with firmware reset, unless this is another bug.

Posts: 10
Registered: ‎06-08-2016
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Re: HT-ST9 Soundbar Dead

After getting a new main board (4th Man Sad) , did some comparason and saw a reason of the problem.

All 3 defective boards looks like this:





This are images of 2 different defective boards, did not shoot 3rd but it looks the same.


Notice the "blackness" on the smaller  (right) chip? Well it's not a out of focus photos, its really looks this way , blacked and printing can't be read.

On new board I just got the chip markings looks clear and without black "aura".

According to the service manual I found on the net, it's a IC2001 chip , which is ... NAND Flash.

So this is consistant with my observations , the failed devices behaved in such way as they could not read or sometimes write flash.

So I am not sure if a NAND flash in Sony soundbars is defective so it burns out so quickly and ofter or some other defect on main board burns it, but this is clearly direct couse of "Please wait", not able to update firmware , not saving some settings etc. issues.

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