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HT-XT3 Goes Crazy

For a while my HT-XT3 worked fine. Then suddenly it went crazy

1. The button's on top of the device don't work. I actually disabled them in the settings, except the power button. Still the power button also doesn't work. 

2. Most of the buttons on the remote controller don't work. What works is the channel switch, mirror, bluetooth and volumn. But i can't go to the home screen! I can't turn off! I can't use the options

3. After a while of inactivity, the HT-XT3 switches to the channel "TV" automatically and puts the volume to 27!


So everytime i want to use the device, I have to switch channels and turn down the volumn.


I googled about such issues already, but my exact behaviour nobody had. Anyway, there aren't that many posts around. People who had issues, mentioned software problems.

So since I can't reach the home screen, i can't reset or update firmware. So i waited.

Just recently an update was available, but didn't change anything.


Via SongPal I can't reach the home screen either and I can't turn off the device!


What are my options?


I want to thank for your answers in advance


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Re: HT-XT3 Goes Crazy

Hello thenut,


Greetings and thank you for your message. We recommend trying the following button sequence to attempt to Cold Reset the unit back to clear certain data without initializing personal information and some operation data to allow access to the factory reset and Initialize the system through the menu:


  • Make sure that the unit is ON
  • Touch the [POWER] touch key and [VOL –] touch key on the main unit simultaneously for 5 seconds.
  • The message “WAIT” appears and then “RESET” appears on the fluorescent indicator tube and then it should go to standby.
  • Test the unit for functionality


If you are able to access the menu reset the unit back to factory default settings and initialize personal information:


  • Press HOME
  • Select SETUP
  • Select RESETTING
  • Go back to menu and select INITILIZE PERSONAL INFORMATION.


After following the previous suggested options, if the unit is still not responding it will be necessary to check the service options available on your area by following the next link:



If my post answers your question, please mark it as "Accept as Solution"




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Re: HT-XT3 Goes Crazy

Hello, my Sony HT-XT3 after PLEASE WAIT message only display five dash simbols. When pressing Pairing button, it shows NOT USE. Power and volume buttons working. When connected to TV, it do not show soundbar menu, so I cant do any reset or firmware upgrade. It just stop working. Please help! Thanks

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Re: HT-XT3 Goes Crazy


If your problem isn't identical to the OPs issue, you would be better served by posting your problem in it's own thread. Hi-****** someone's post makes it difficuilt for people with the same problem as you or people who know how to fix your problem to find your question. Post your own thread with a good, descriptive title.

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