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Registered: ‎05-31-2016
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Re: HTRT5 Lip-Syncing. Is there a fix?

Yes, I have a Samsung UN75J630D.  Software Version T-HKMFAKUC-1455.0, Sub-micom Version: T-HKMFAKUS-1023


I only watch the HD channels, so thats is where I experience the problems.  However last night I did have the problem occur while steaming Netflix.

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Registered: ‎06-18-2016
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Re: HTRT5 Lip-Syncing. Is there a fix?

My TV is a Samsung UN60JS7000FXZA.


I notice the issue most often while watching HD content from my STB, but that is mainly because that is what I do the most with the soundbar.  The lip sync issue is often present running apps on my Xbox such as Netflix or HBO GO as well as the Xbox interface sound effects.  It also happens while playing games on the Xbox and while using Apple TV, which is on a different input (not through the Xbox).


I should mention that I did not have issues with lip sync when I was using the television speakers (before my HT-RT5 arrived).  The sync issues began only after adding the HT-RT5 to my home theater system.


I'm not able to test using another brand television, unfortunately.


Those links about Samsung lip sync issues seem only to recommend updating the firmware, which I have done (firmware version is confirmed up to date via auto update).


I have been home watching television for about 90 minutes tonight and I have had to reboot the soundbar twice and I'm about to do it a 3rd time.  It's not always this bad, but this is a lot more than a minor inconvenience.


Thanks for your work on this.  I hope there is a resolution to this soon.

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Registered: ‎06-14-2016
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Re: HTRT5 Lip-Syncing. Is there a fix?

One thing to note - I don't notice the lipsync issues when using my AppleTV to watch a movie. So it only seems to happen when using my STB. I will do some more checking over the weekend. 


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Re: HTRT5 Lip-Syncing. Is there a fix?



I'm form Belgium and expierincing the same sync problem. Have tried several settings in the A/V setup but no setting is giving me the solution+. When watching tv lip sync is noticable at a random time; sometimes after 10 minutes, sometimes after 15 mintutes and even after several hours. When switching TV channel on Telenet STB forward and back the sync is reset but after some time again out of sync.


My setup is the following Sony :  TV KDL 40NX800 > HDMI ARC > HDMI ARC HT RT5

                                                     Telenet (STB) > HDMI > HDMI 2 HT RT5


This is a very disturbing/annoying phenomenon and I badly need a soluting. The dealer in Belgium has never heard of this problem.

Hoping that via this way someone has a fix.

Please !!!!

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Registered: ‎07-02-2016
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Re: HTRT5 Lip-Syncing. Is there a fix?

[ Edited ]


Just to add further weight to this discussion, I am also experiencing lip-sync issues with the HT-RT5.

My setup is an Xbox one connected via HDMI high speed cable to the HDMI 1 input on the HT-RT5. The HDMI Out is then connected by a long HDMI high speed cable to an Epson EH-TW6100W projector. The sound bar was updated to the latest software on 29th June 2016.

The lip-sync issue becomes more noticeable the longer I play a film from Plex or via Blu-ray from the Xbox.

Like others I have tried various settings on the sound bar but have been unable to resolve the issue once it starts.

If I turn up the volume on the projector’s speakers it sounds as if the audio from the sound bar is preceding the audio on the projector with a noticeable echo. Without the sound bar in place there are no lip-sync issues so I assume that the sound bar is delaying the HDMI output to the projector so the audio is played before the picture is displayed.

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Registered: ‎03-10-2014
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Re: HTRT5 Lip-Syncing. Is there a fix?

Hello everyone,


We are attempting to replicate the condition that you are experiencing without success.
As each of you has a different Service Provider, we are attempting to replicate on the PS4 and the XBox One that was mentioned.

Hello lukezra

Could you confirm if you have an XBox One or an XBox 360?


Hello 117w33n,

When you experience on Netflix, are you streaming Netflix from your Samsung Television or another device?


Thank you everyone for you patience while we are looking into this condition.


Posts: 38
Registered: ‎06-18-2016
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Re: HTRT5 Lip-Syncing. Is there a fix?

Sorry, it is an Xbox One.

Posts: 271
Registered: ‎03-10-2014
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Re: HTRT5 Lip-Syncing. Is there a fix?

Thank you for the quick reply,

We'll be testing tomorrow for Netflix Streaming.  Plex streaming is difficult due to Server side conditions.


Off hand, do you have specific titles that you remember that we can test against?


Thank you again,


Posts: 38
Registered: ‎06-18-2016
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Re: HTRT5 Lip-Syncing. Is there a fix?

I don't know about any specific titles.  It is almost certainly a system issue, not a content issue.  I have seen it on multiple media paths...both through the Xbox One and independent of the Xbox (using different inputs on the TV).  The HT-RT5 and the TV are the only common elements.  The TV is at the end of signal chain, so it seems unlikely to be the source of the lag...also we've seen reports in this thread of multiple TV brands and models.  A couple users are using an Xbox One, but its not the majority of the complaints, so it seems unlikely that the Xbox is the source of the problem.


Is it worth considering that maybe it's a "bad batch" scenario?  It continues to be a truly untenable problem.  I have taken to wearing wireless headphones connected through the Xbox when alone.  The headphones also never lose sync, because they don't connect through the HT-RT5.  This also indicates to me that the problem is with the HT-RT5, not with the Xbox or the TV.


Just in case you want to explore the possibility of a bad batch, my HT-RT5's serial number is:



July 2015/August 2015/September 2015


I would really love to put this behind me.  I've rebooted my soundbar multiple times tonight already.  It's pretty disgraceful.





Posts: 38
Registered: ‎06-18-2016
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Re: HTRT5 Lip-Syncing. Is there a fix?

Let me just clarify...


I think I speak for others on this thread when I say that if you're asking which Netflix title to test with, then you're not approaching the problem the right way.  If the sound is lagging it will happen on every title you load up.  It will happen with the sound effects of switching between apps on the Xbox.  It will happen when watching TV.  It will happen when you play a game.  The only way to make it stop is to either change the input on the HT-RT5 and then change it back to the one you were using (this means pausing what you're watching/doing until it comes back) or by rebooting the HT-RT5 altogether (this takes 35-45 seconds before coming back).  Others have reported changing channels and then changing back can temporarily resolve it, but my experience is that very rarely works.  When mine starts lagging I either reboot the HT-RT5 or I turn it off and reach for my headphones.


Sorry if I seem annoyed, but the issue is more than a little annoying.


Help please!

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