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Re: HTRT5 Lip-Syncing. Is there a fix?

Some more clairifcation:


When I say that you have to reboot the soundbar to make the lagging stop, I should clarify that it sometimes only works for 5 or 10 minutes before needing another reboot...sometimes it works for an hour...other times (rarely) it works for a few hours.  That is really rare though.

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Re: HTRT5 Lip-Syncing. Is there a fix?

Hello, I also have the same issue.


My setup: Xbox one -> ht-rt5 -> Philips 55pus7150 tv (ARC connection)

When watching movie with plex the sound gradually becomes out of sync. Restarting the system fixes it for about 15 min and then the same again. Also have tv box connected directly to the tv and the same happens. I have tried many configurations - disabling ARC, connecting to different ports with diferent hdmi cables, directly to the sound bar or tv, resetting the tv and soundbar to factory settings, even using optical audio cable - NOTHING helps. 

The only thing that kind of solved the issue for a while was updating to the latest firmware version M28.R.0362. For a couple of weeks it was fine and I thought the update fixed it, but in the last cople of days the problem slowly appeared again. 

Its very frustrating that such a expensive high-end system have huge issue in its core functinality - it basicly make it usless. Please Sony do something ASAP. I can assist in any way to discover the cause and fix it. I can make a video to demonstrate how the sound becomes out of sync, would it be helpful ?

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Re: HTRT5 Lip-Syncing. Is there a fix?

I stream Netflix, direct from my Samsung TV.

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Re: HTRT5 Lip-Syncing. Is there a fix?

[ Edited ]

Hello. I've been free from this sync problem for a week now.

What have I changed ??

I've conneceted my Telenet (STB)  and the Sony HT RT5 with an extra optical fiber cable ( Type Toslink ).

The resolution setting on my Telenet ( STB ) was changed from 1080i to 720p. These are the only 2 choices I have.

Motion Flow setting on TV was changed to OUT and FILM MODE to AUTO2

Since then no more sync problems.

Hope this tip can help some.


See my previous post on page 3.

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Re: HTRT5 Lip-Syncing. Is there a fix?

Chris (SonyHAV moderator),  


Three weeks ago you asked if anyone had a non Samsung TV to test with.  Since then an Epson EH-TW6100W, a Philips 55pus7150, and a Sony KDL 40NX800 have been reported as experiencing the problem in this thread.


Another thread on this forum also reports a Sony kd-55x8505b with it (  


That's two Sony TVs that also have the problem.


mdr3939 has stated that using an optical cable, with some other changes, has fixed the issue.  Originally I was using ARC, but now I have disabled it (both Soundbar and TV) and have connected the TV via an optical cable for the smart tv sound.  This works around another problem I was having where the soundbar would switch to TV after being set on the desired HDMI input shortly after start up. To be fair the manual states ARC may not work with other manufacturers, so I haven't complained about it.  The point is, the optical port is in use and works well, and doesn't help when there are multiple inputs.


I have started experiencing the sync drift after 5-10 minutes now.  For the last three weeks it has regularly been going out of sync during the first half (45 mins) of Euro 2016 football matches, the pundits are synced before kick off and out of sync by half time.  It's far worse than the several hours I first reported.


It happens on both HD and SD channels.  Changing channels to a broadcast on the opposite format (HD to SD and back again) fixes the sync, as well as changing HDMI inputs.  In both instances the soundbar clearly does something internally because the screen goes black for a second or so.  I can also fix the sync by going to the A/V sync menu, changing it from 0 up one notch, then back to 0 again.  That's a net movement of zero, yet it resets the sync!


I don't know how to reliably recreate it, it just happens.  What I will say is that the TV channels do get changed during this time.  My daughter often has children's channels on (which are mixed HD & SD), and these are out of sync when I gain control of the TV.  I then change to mostly HD channels, or the PS4.  The following day Sky has remembered the last channel, which could be SD or HD and the cycle continues.  It really is just "normal" usage.



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Re: HTRT5 Lip-Syncing. Is there a fix?

Last Sunday, when watching the socker final between France and Portugal, I changed back the MOTION FLOW TV-setting  from OUT to STANDARD. When the sockergame was over and they changed back to the people commenting in the studio, video and sound were back out of sync. The reason I changed back the MOTION FLOW is the fact that the setting on STANDARD gives me a sharper and less blurred ( especially in the movement ) image on TV.

I hope that a solution quickly resolves this enoying problem. Like said the dealer in Belgium never heard of this problem. I hope specialists from Sony follow this thread and are working on a solution.


Sorry for my bad English because it's very hard to explain everything correctly.

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Re: HTRT5 Lip-Syncing. Is there a fix?

Hello everyone,


I wanted to give everyone an update concerning Drifting Audio Sync.

I have been attempting to replicate your condition without success with our In House Testing.  Unfortunately, if we cannot duplicate your failure condition of Drifting Audio Sync, our design groups cannot determine the Root Cause and take improvement action if the Soundbar is the cause.  We have been trying to determine the Root Cause of this issue 1) Soundbar (Audio Processor), 2) Television (Video Processor), or 3) Content Source. 


I have reached out a forum member that is close to our SEL Headquarters area to try and evaluate this condition directly.  If I get any information on this I should have a better idea of the root cause of this condition.


If each of you could test the following, it would help to identify if this is being caused by the Video Processor of your respective Televisions.

  • Activate Game Mode if available (which disables all video processing by the Television)


After testing these conditions, if you could provide feedback as to the effectiveness, this is greatly appreciated.


We will continue to look into this issue and keep you all updated.  I appreciate your patience and support for this product.  Thank you,




To mdr3939,

Changing the Motion Flow setting makes sense as this is a video processing feature of the television.  Motion Flow also helps greatly to improve the viewing of football games.  To better understand this condition, could you set the television to Game Mode (this is under picture settings Picture Mode > Game)?

With this setting, do you experience Drifting Audio Sync?


To jsann,

Thank you for your offer of making a video of this behavior.  How long would this video be since many of the comments mention that it takes 20-30 minute


To brianhearn,

You mention that you switched over (partially) to utilizing the Optical Audio connection.  With that connection are you having any Drifting Audio Sync? 

Your comment about resetting the Drifting Audio Sync by changing the A/V Sync is interesting.  I’ll look into possibilities on this front.

Posts: 53
Registered: ‎06-26-2016
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Re: HTRT5 Lip-Syncing. Is there a fix?

Thanks for this reply.

After the last problems, I disconnected evrything and started again.

Now my STB ( Telenet ) is connected directly to my TV with HDMI cable in port 4.

For the sound I connected the STB with an optical cable to the HT RT5.


My Sony bluraysplayer is connected with an HDMIcable to the  HT RT5.

My TV is conneted over the ARC port with HDMI cable to the ARC port of te HT RT5.


So the is no more a HDMI connection between STB and HT RT.


On TV MOTION FLOW is set o STANDARD and FILM MODE is set to AUTO2.


For over a week now I've been free from the sync problem.

Hopefully it stays this way.

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Registered: ‎03-10-2014
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Re: HTRT5 Lip-Syncing. Is there a fix?

Hello mdr3938,

Thank you for the reply.  It's good to hear that you've eliminated this Drifting Audio Sync condition with your new configuration.


I discussed with our Television side group about the configuration and they were mentioning that some Set Top Boxes do not support the CEC (HDMI Control) protocols correctly and cause problems within other devices within the HDMI loop.  They have found that disabling the CEC control from the Set Top Box helps to prevent these HDMI control conflicts.  This may be what is going on with these systems.


Hello everyone else,

If you could disable your CEC (HDMI Control) feature from the Set Top Box setting menu and observe your behavior for the next few days, this would give us some valuable information.  I apologize for the inconvenience that this may result in.


Thank you all,


Posts: 53
Registered: ‎06-26-2016
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Re: HTRT5 Lip-Syncing. Is there a fix?

From the first moment on CEC on all my devices ( STB - TV - HT RT5 and BDP S7200 ) was turned off.

So in my case this couldn't have been the problem from the start.

In my opinion there is something wrong within the HT RT5 software.

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