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Registered: ‎08-02-2016
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Re: HTRT5 Lip-Syncing. Is there a fix?


mdr3939, yeah I had initially tried the 'remove from internet/delete personal settings'  workaround without success. But then I belated realised it was a bit ****** to do so without also unplugging altogether. So before packing everything up and returning for 'repair' I gave that a go and to my surprise I've had a couple of days of perfect behaviour. Thats the longest period its behaved since I had the problem. 

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Re: HTRT5 Lip-Syncing. Is there a fix?

[ Edited ]

So I am also getting this with my HT-NT5.. I posted to another thread with no reply



I've had no success with any of the advice here.. Thoughts? Any info I can provide?


Posts: 24
Registered: ‎08-02-2016
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Re: HTRT5 Lip-Syncing. Is there a fix?

unsalted, the only workaround thats had any significant success is turn off internet/delete personal settings and physically unplug for a minute or two. If that offers no joy and you've only just bought it then my advice is to take it back immediately.


Even if that does solve it I would think very carefully about what to do. This workaround may well be temporary, and if it comes back in a month or two you'll be in a much worse position. The system itself is great without this problem - but with the problem its pratically useless. IMO a proper fix from SONY is very unlikely - anf the official line from SONY support is that there are no known problems with this product - willfully ignoring all evidence to the contrary. 


So obviously its your decision, but if I was still in my first 14/28 days I'd be retunring for a refund and looking at the Jamaha jsp-2500. 

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Registered: ‎06-18-2016
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Re: HTRT5 Lip-Syncing. Is there a fix?

@unsalted - We feel your pain, bro.  I'm sure you read through the thread, but I mentioned that I have had a fair amount of success for a week or so now by using the Optical Audio out from my TV to the soundbar.  Unfortunately this means foregoing many of the conveniences of a straight HDMI signal path, but until a solution is presented it has been an effective workaround.


And to @alant's point, I also reset network settings in order to disconnect from the internet and have not reconnected since.  This seems to be a common condition for those of us who have found temporary relief from sync issues, so it may be directly related.


If you don't return the soundbar (I probably would if I could), please be sure to keep feeding this thread with your findings.  We have a Sony Engineer contributing and collecting information, so maybe there is a solution on the horizon.  Of course it's not moving fast enough for any of us, but maybe there is some hope...

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Registered: ‎08-05-2016
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Re: HTRT5 Lip-Syncing. Is there a fix?

I personaly find Sony's response to this problem a JOKE and have now lost confidence in their products and would not look to purchase ANY sony product again. This IS a major problem and the only "may work" solution is to disable alot of the features and functions you paid a premium price for.


If Sony cared about its customers this problem would have been given a serios time from Sony or even arranged to uplift direct some of the posters on this Forum Soundbars direct to give them a better and quicker timescale to get to the bottom of this issue.


We (Customers) should have been given a timescale from Sony to when or if this fault would be fixed but i would put money on that what sony will do is discontinue the HTRT5 and leave us all in the dark with out any help.


Sorry Sony but you have become a joke.


Very Unhappy Customer

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Registered: ‎08-17-2016
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Re: HTRT5 Lip-Syncing. Is there a fix?

I stumbled across this thread while searching for a fix on my HT NT3 Sony soundbar.

I have this connection:
PC->Soundbar->TV (HDMI arc cables used)

Netflix and while playing movies from the HDD show sync issues. If I reload Netflix the sync is fine for a while (10-30min) but the problems comes back.
If I adjust the sync in the soundbar menu it is fine a while (10-30min) then the sync issue are visable again.

TV is a Sony  kdl-55hx855

Had a really old soundsystem from Sony previous and no problem with that at all.
If I would have bought it from the store I would have returned it but I ordered it online and already threw away the box.
So disapointed.

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Registered: ‎06-26-2016
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Re: HTRT5 Lip-Syncing. Is there a fix?

Stil haven't experienced any Lip sync problems after disconnecting the HT RT5 from the internet. Almost two weeks now.

Hope a fix soon arrives so I can again make use of Spotify

Posts: 38
Registered: ‎06-18-2016
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Re: HTRT5 Lip-Syncing. Is there a fix?



Can we transition this effort into another phase, please?


Chris - could you please inform someone at Sony that there is a clear issue with the HT-RT5 holding A/V Sync properly, so that we can move towards having these systems replaced?  No offense meant, but the drip by drip troubleshooting effort you've been leading on this thread - where you have us try stuff, we do it, report our findings and then don't hear anything back for 2 or 3 weeks - is really not cutting it.




This thread has been going for almost 3 months.


There are at least 11 unique individuals complaining about the issue on this thread alone (other threads with additional unique complaints exist).


Multiple continents/regions/countries are represented.


Multiple television brands are reported to show the problem.


Multiple input sources (STB/Xbox/Media players) manifest the same symptoms.


HT-RT5, HT-NT3 and HT-NT5 all have shown the same problem, according to recent posts.


You've had the issue described in great detail from multiple contributors (11 of us!) and even seen a video of the system going out of sync.  With our help you've ruled out the TV and/or STB as the root cause.  You've ruled out a particular region/country as the cause.  There is only one common element between all the setups that have been mentioned on here:  Sony HT-RT5 (NT3 and NT5).


At the start of this thread there were 2 or 3 Sony engineers contributing to the conversation, but at this point only Chris remains.  On one hand that shows a commendable determination by Chris to help, but also suggests that the other engineers bounced once they realized that this was something that Sony would eventually be held to account for.


I will hand deliver my HT-RT5 to Sony for testing if they have a factory/facility in the Northern NJ/NYC area (I'm certain they do).  I would go without my soundbar for as long as necessary to assist this process, if it would help.  I would also be willing to host a visit by a Sony engineer to my apartment to see the sync problem in action first hand.


Please ask Sony to acknowledge the issue highlighted on this thread so that we can move toward some kind of resolution.  An item that carries a 500-600US$ price tag can't be this buggy and unuseable without consequence.


Please let's step this up.


PS:  Has anyone called Sony support and directed them to this thread?  If so, what was their response to seeing the thread?  I think I may call them directly this afternoon.



Posts: 38
Registered: ‎06-18-2016
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Re: HTRT5 Lip-Syncing. Is there a fix?

Hey everybody...


I just got done speaking with Online Support about this issue and referred them to this thread.  I had to drop the conversation because I'm not home to try what he suggested.  But I thought I would pass the suggestion onto you guys because I won't be home to try it for several hours.


(well the chat text disappeared, but I will tell you from memory what he said to me)


He asked me if AV Sync was set to ON and if "Control for HDMI" was set to ON.  Both I believe are available in the System Settings menu, but I can't confirm that because the chat vanished.  According to the support tech, if AV Sync is turned ON, then turning on "Control for HDMI" will resolve sync issues like these.


If anyone is available to test this (though I'm pretty certain this isn't the solution), please let me know.  Otherwise I will try it myself in about 5 hours.

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Registered: ‎06-14-2016
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Re: HTRT5 Lip-Syncing. Is there a fix?

For me I can't find AV sync in the options. Control HDMI is on in system settings. 

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