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Tuning Up
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Registered: ‎12-24-2012

Is the ES5200 ARC compatible?

I would like to know if my STR-DA5200ES amp is 'ARC' compatible with a Panasonic Viera/Smart TV that has clearly marked 'ARC'

HDMI ports.  I am able to run my cable box thru the ES to the TV OK but my new Blu-ray disk player does not pass thru the ES.  I have had to hook it directly to the TV via another HDMI input.

Top 40 Artist
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Re: Is the ES5200 ARC compatible?

Hello Jeff,

Welcome to Sony Community.  


This Receiver does not have ARC feature.

Ensure that the HDMI cables are securely connected and correct input is selected in the Receiver.


Connect the Blu-ray Player to a different HDMI IN jack of the Receiver and try using a different HDMI cable.

Make sure the time counter on the Player is changing while playing disc.

Check the Video Output settings in the Blu-ray Player.





Tuning Up
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎12-24-2012

Re: Is the ES5200 ARC compatible?

Thanks, still working on it. Panasonic says connect the Blu-ray directly to the TV(via HDMI) and then use an optical cable from TV to the receiver. Tried that and still doesn't work. Have tried all of the different HDMI inputs as well. Have tried hooking the BRP directly to the receiver in several different ports with no success.