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Network Audio Remote app needs updating for iOS 11?

Apple have updated their OS to iOS11, the Network Audio Remote app is not compatible with iOS11 and does not work on any apple device with the lates OS. When trying to run the app, iOS gives the message the app is not compatible with iOS11 and direct you to contacting the app developer which I'm doing right now.  


Please update the Network Audio Remote app so that I may continue using it with the STR-DN1020, STR-DN840, SA-NS410, SA-NS500, SA-NS300, SA-NS310 devices.  I can not setup mutispeaker HomeShare playing without the Network Audio Remote app.  

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Re: Network Audio Remote app needs updating for iOS 11?

Hi SolidState,


Thank you for considering the SONY Community!


We appreciate bringing this to our attention. Sony takes into consideration all feedback to improve the performance and quality of our products and services. I will have your feedback forwarded to the relevant department as we always looking to make Sony better. Once again, thank you.






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Re: Network Audio Remote app needs updating for iOS 11?

hello i have the same probleme 

i made migration on IOS 11 , and i can't use all my sony feature because your application is note compatible with IOS 11 


no response since month of june , unaceptable



please udate just to be compatible !!

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Re: Network Audio Remote app needs updating for iOS 11?

[ Edited ]

Not sure if my earlier comment got deleted??? Really?




Erin - I am afraid if you indeed mean what you have stated here. I am sorry for being harsh but I have been following up with Sony since early this year including writing emails to the app team in Japan. Here are all the places I have been emailing: CustomerAdvocacy <> cc:,, (Ichiro Takagi - Executive Vice President Officer in charge of Home Entertainment & Sound Business and Consumer AV Sales & Marketing) and have not received single reply from the leadership let alone any fix or update to the app. 


The initial replies I heard over the emails gave similar canned response and I practically made this account seeing yet another canned response to other users who are possibly in the same boat, to share my frustration. Please note that I would love love to be proven wrong but based on my last 1 year of dealing with Sony customer support I am highly skeptical.


Now on to the app, last it was update with android 4.4 which would be back in 2014 and now we are on Android 7+ - while the app is totally stopped opening on iOS 11 (I do own apple product also so can also attest to it) but on android while it works, it could use massive update to bring it up to speed and some updated features and make it less battery draining and smoother in functionality.


Here's one of the recent response I received from another rep when I was talking in the emails


On July 7, I received 


"Good Morning,


We did receive a response from our corporate headquarters in Japan and unfortunately they advised to have you reach out to the below developers email for assistance.

We had advised that you have done so in the past however requested that you do so again as this is the correct avenue for your information request.


Zackery | C9BR"


After further exploring with the team in Japan and my conversation with Sony rep, 


On Aug. 16, I received the following


"Good Morning,


I have forwarded your information to the our engineering group. They have advised that after reaching out the development group that Sony has no plans in the future to update the Network Audio Remote app.


Zackery | C9BR"


So, as it stands Sony has clearly deserted its consumers and left with dead speakers which cannot perform with an integrated responsive app. It is quite disrespectful and discerning as we have spent a lot of money buying these speakers back in the day.


Might I, as well reiterate, they have been one of my best purchase when it worked and it can still work provided Sony updates the app and the firmware (which was last updated in 2013). But until then, I remain a highly disappointed customer and will be extremely cautious in investing in any new Sony gadget for the company simply runs away from providing any support toward their own products.


ps: I own half a dozen Sony SA-NS500 and Sony Dock NAS-SVi20

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Registered: ‎11-12-2012
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Re: Network Audio Remote app needs updating for iOS 11?

This behavior is not unexpected from Sony.  Sony is horrible when it comes to software and have it has been that way for the last 20 years.  The only exception is the PS products.  Sony may make great hardware but the software/firmware has always been the achilles heel of most of their products.  To make matters worst, instead of fixing the problem, sony abandon the product after 1-2 years and move on to something else.


The issue with the HomeShare speaker system wouldn't be an issue if there was a third party to support it.  I can't find another app that supports party streaming.  If there is, please let me know.  I would be open if sony had just made the code public domain after sony abandon their products after a relatively sort time on the market.  


I have STR-DN1020 receiver that I got when I got the XBR-HX909 TV, I was given two SA-NS300s for free during the purchase.  Over the years, I got two SA-NS500s, one SA-NS310, and one SA-NS410. I also have a STR-DN840 as my main receiver and move the DN1020 to support speakers only in the living room.  I use homeshare party mode regularly, expecially when we have a event at the house.  Without the app I can use any of the speakers in party mode.  I can use any DLNA app to stream to a single speaker from the DLNA server but nothing to support all of the speakers. 


I was thinking to dump the sony products and find another multi-room speaker system that is not sony, but I've already dumped a lot of money into the current setup that was working great and I did not want to start over. There is no standard for party mode and I do not want to be dependent on a single source for support.  So to continue to use party mode, I got two Sony remote RMN-U1 off ebay for $75.  


The RMN-U1, like all of sony product still have software issues.  It worked find for the first two days, then on the 5 day both controllers were inoperable.  I tried reset, factory reset and still would not connect was slow as ******.  I thought to myself another hot pile of garbage by Sony.  I finally got the devices to recover by turning them off while sitting in docking station.  I guess I can live with it for now, until something better is available.


 I plan  to get a another STR-DN840 for the basement off ebay.   I'm limited to the STR-XX40 series receiver because that is the last receiver by sony that supports HomeShare.  I had the STR-DN1050 for a week when I got my X900B TV but when I discovered it didn't support HomeShare so I returned it. 


List of products that I owned that sony abandon:


* Clie - Sony abandon support for desktop sync and was not compatible is the Palm desktop

* MP3 player -  Don't remember the model but it F-up my computer with DRM and was slow as ******

* Tablet S -  This tablet was advertised by sony as being better than an iPad.  Got it as a media controller.  It would not play videos recorded by a sony camera and would not throw video to Sony TV that can play the video, wife's iPad can. Sold on ebay after 6 months, so furstrating and no support by sony

* DASH-  3 devices lasted about 2 years, after that devices stopped working from termination of service, I would still be using my dash if I could get Android on it.

* HomeShare - lasted 2-3 years,  no app support and streaming services are dead on most devices.  Pandora is the only streaming service that works. 


I'v had other sony products but these are the ones I wish I could get my money back because of lack of support and I then never lived up to expectation that sony advertised it to be.

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