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Registered: ‎09-14-2017
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Pairing ZR5 with HT-NT5 to listen to music with TV on mute

I currently have a Sony Bravia 900E connected to a HT-NT5 soundbar which is paired for surround sound with 2 ZR5 rear wireless speakers. I have the soundbar connected through HDMI ARC input 3 and my cable and PS4 through HDMI 1 and 2 of the TV respectively. My goal is to be able to watch TV on mute, while still being able to listen to music playing through the HT-NT5 and the 2 ZR5 speakers. Is there a way to do that? 


I have tried creating a group with the NT5 and ZR5, but it seems the TV will follow whatever the NT5 is doing. Once I start playing music on the group, the tv will switch to HDMI ARC input 3. I am able to listen to music on one of the ZR5's with the TV on mute, but I have not found a way to pair all of the speakers together. Any help is appreciated. 

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Registered: ‎11-18-2017
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Re: Pairing ZR5 with HT-NT5 to listen to music with TV on mute

I’ve got the same problem with my Sony BRAVIA X900E TV and Sony HT-ST5000 sound bar. All I want is to watch TV and listen to music through the speaker’s  Bluetooth simultaneously.


Sony, please help.

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Re: Pairing ZR5 with HT-NT5 to listen to music with TV on mute

The way to do that is to remove the HDMI connection to the TV and use an optical cable. HDMI ARC connections generally synchronize between the TV and soundbar. You want to break that feature. Turning off HDMI CEC and ARC should do the same but you'll need to turn all this off and on as needed.

I have Marantz receiver that has a cheat feature that will allow you to still leave HDMI CEC and ARC settings untouched and to temporarily suspend the synchronization under a HDMI ARC and CEC connection. It allows the reciever to play one thing while the TV does another. It automatically mutes the TV. This is not a feature that is normally provided to soundbars. It isn't a feature that is normally provided in receivers either. Unfortunately, you're swimming upstream if you want to connect using HDMI ARC and want to do what you describe.

Get an optical cable if this is a hard requirement.

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