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STR-DA6400ES - Hardware or Software Issues

Hello all.

I bought a Sony STR-DA6400ES receiver over a year ago. It's been awesome until a month or so ago.

When it arrived, I setup it up nicely and configured it for my home network. This is so I could manage it via the ES Utility as well as perform software upgrades when available.

For about 10 months, I always checked the "Network" settings to find out whether there were any software updates. There were none, according to the receiver.

A couple of months ago, I decided to check Sony's web site to see if they had any updates, and they did. I proceeded to install the update via the ES Utility, and that went well.

Several weeks later, I tried to access the receiver via the ES Utility and that didn't work. I thought it was a bad Ethernet port on my home router, so I switched it. No joy. I thought it was a bad Ethernet cable so I switched that. No joy still. Meanwhile, connecting up the Ethernet port on the receiver always looked good - I get a good green link light signifying a connection, and a good blinking amber light signifying network activity.

I knew my home router was not at fault because it has other systems attached to it which are working, e.g., my PS3, my ADSL modem, e.t.c.

When I tried to access the receiver's network settings to troubleshoot further, I couldn't. The software always returned a blank, grey screen whenever I accessed the network settings. Accessing other settings worked fine, the right results were returned to the screen. However, only the network settings drew a blank, each time, no matter how long I waited for the receiver to respond. It was like the receiver "forgot" that it ever supported network connectivity, from a software perspective. I will add that trying to access the receiver's network settings via the remote control or directly on the receiver yielded the same disappointing result.

I proceeded to call Sony U.S.A for help (I'm based in Malaysia), and after much discussion, they asked me to reset the receiver to factory defaults. I did that, and then a new problem came up - the receiver was in a constant state of "CLEARING..." its memory, as part of the factory reset action. I waited an hour, no change. I left it "clearing" over night, no change. Powering down and cold restarting the system didn't help, however I noticed that I could still select any input source and the receiver would process it as normal, with the "CLEARING..." message disappearing after doing so. However, I'd obviously lost all settings.

That said, whenever I switched the receiver off via a cold power down or warm standby, it always came back with the "CLEARING..." message when I turned it back on. So it wasn't completely dead - it just wasn't 100% either.

I contacted Sony U.S.A again and they said it sounded like a hardware issue of some kind. So I called Sony Malaysia and took the unit in. I'll not go into what a disaster dealing with Sony Malaysia has been from a Customer Support point of view, but after several weeks of going back and forth with them, they came back to tell me that they suspect a hardware issue with the "board" of the system (not sure what "board" actually means - they were being terse assuming I'm a clueless customer). They ordered a new "board" from Sony U.S.A (as the STR-DA6400ES, while manufactured in Malaysia, is not built for the Malaysia market - ironic, huh) which they are going to use to test whether the previous "board" actually has an issue.

They were supposed to do that last week and get back to me, but as I already mentioned, Sony Malaysia's Customer Support leaves much to be desired - and I informed them as such. I will be following up with them come this Monday.

Has anyone on this forum experienced this issue before, or know what it could be?

Appreciate your feedback. Thanks.

PS: For those of you who might have picked it up, Malaysia
manufacture the STR-DA6400ES
for the U.S. market, meaning they ship with 120VAC/60Hz power supplies. Malaysia is a
240VAC/50Hz country. I fixed that problem by using a UPS to convert the electrical
frequency from 50Hz to 60Hz, and fed that into a step-down transformer which brought
the voltage down from 240VAC to 120VAC. So I wouldn't expect that the receiver
experienced this issue due to a non-compliant electrical source.


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Re: STR-DA6400ES - Hardware or Software Issues

Welcome to our User Support Forums.
Sony is dedicated to delivering the best custom home theater experience to installers and consumers alike. Sony ES provides just that with valuable programs, enhanced coverage, dedicated support and more. Our ES technicians have reviewed this topic. Please contact ES support directly. We may be able to help you investigate what the delay is, or if perhaps a custom setting may be required. ... pport.html
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Re: STR-DA6400ES - Hardware or Software Issues

Has anyone had this issue resolved yet? is there a quick fix as I have had no network connectivity for 2 years and Sony want to charge a fortune.


This sounds like a common issue Sony are covering up from one of their software updates.





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Re: STR-DA6400ES - Hardware or Software Issues

Hi gcaplin! Please post your concern on Sony UK Community here for further assistance. Thank you! 

If my post answers your question, please mark it as "Accept as Solution"

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