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Registered: ‎01-05-2017
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STR-DH770 Glitches?

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I recently upgraded my HT receiver to the STR-DH770 because I needed 4K passthru. In the past 3 days, I've had 2 issues happen that I was looking for some insight on.

1. After turning on my satellite receiver, I got no picture on the TV. I turned on the receiver to ensure it was set to the correct input and it was. I tried turning off the receiver and turning it back on. Didn't work. I then turned on all my other components that are hooked up to the 770 and tried cycling thru all the inputs. Nothing. I unplugged the HDMI out to the TV and plugged it back in, but that didn't help. Just the same blank screen. I then realized I wasn't getting any sound out of my surround speakers on any input with 4 different devices playing that I was cycling they. Even if there was an issue with the HDMI out to the TV, I still should have gotten sound to the speakers. Finally, I unplugged the power to the 770, plugged it back in, and the picture immediately came on. Surround speakers were working again, too.

2. A couple days later, after watching a movie with the receiver and surround sound on, I hit the input button on the remote to switch back to the normal TV setting. Nothing happened. I hit the volume buttons, nothing happened. I hit the power button to turn the receiver completely off. Nothing happened. I got up, walked over to the receiver to switch the input by turning the input wheel. Wouldn't respond. I tried turning the receiver off with the power button on the front. Wouldn't respond. I tried turning the volume up and down with the physical volume wheel. Nothing happened. Again, I unplugged the power, plugged it back in and everything worked fine again.

I've since completely unplugged the power, disconnected all the HDMI cables, reconnected the HDMI cables, and finally plugged the power back in. I haven't had any issues since, but, it's only been a day since doing that. I bought this receiver less than a month ago.

Any thoughts on what's going on?
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Registered: ‎03-19-2017
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Re: STR-DH770 Glitches?

I've had the STR-DH70 for about 10 days now. All was well until yesterday when it stopped passing any A/V to the TV. After checking every setting I plugged the cable box directly to the TV and at least I had TV access. I eventually found this post, attached the cable box back to the receiver, unplugged/replugged the receiver and it worked. Not sure I want to keep this receiver if this is going to be a periodic requirement.

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Registered: ‎03-19-2017
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Re: STR-DH770 Glitches?

I have a SONY STR-DH770 which I specifically got to connect with my SONY xbr-65x900C.  I assumed there would be seamless integration.  While the integration is better than I had with my older Harmon Kardon, I have 2 issues with the DH770.  Everytime I power on the TV, the DH770 powers on, but then the signal from my Xfinity cable (over HDMI) has interference.  It is choppy and erratic.  I have to power off the Xfinity cable box and power it back on.  Then viola, everything is fine.  It is as if the DH770 is not able to "reconcile" or handshake with the cable box properly unless it is already on, and the cable box powers down and up.  Very frustrating.


The second problem is that in Dolby Surroun Movie mode, the center and front channels occasionally go to a very low volume.  Muffled.  The surround speakers stay the same.  This makes it impossible to hear.  I switch to PureDIrect, and the sound through front/center is fine, but there is no Surround.  These problems did not happen initially.

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Re: STR-DH770 Glitches?

Any answers to this? I have had this receiver 2 weeks and have had to reset it by unplugging it 4 times now.

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