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STR-DH770 not working with Optical Out from KDL-55W802A

Just purchased STR-DH770 as an upgrade from STR-DE935 (17 years old).

Basically a swap of receiver with all components and speakers intact.


Components (DVD/HTPC/Roku/Xbox360) connected directly to back of TV - KDL-55W802A via HDMI. From TV, Optical out to STR-DE935 driving Bose Acoutimass 10.


So far I cannot get STR-DH770 to receive Audio signal from KDL-55W802A via Optical jack.

Got everything to work with Yamaha RX-V381 BL receiver, but returned it because I don't like the sound.


So I know all cables are good including Optical out and I am OK with trying all settings/input to and from components, but so far STR-DH770 has not worked with Optical.


Pressing HOME on RC of STR-DH770 gives me Watch/Listen/SetUp and Speaker settings. Set up is just calibration.

Pressing Amp Menu brings up HDMI CTRL ON/OFF but Audio has no option.


It works with HDMI from HTPC to HDMI in.


What am I missing? or is the optical port not working on this unit?


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Re: STR-DH770 not working with Optical Out from KDL-55W802A

Hi Philipt95148,


Welcome and thank you for considering SONY Community!

Have you tried calling our Technical Support team about this issue?
If so, kindly send your reference number/event ID to me via Private Message(PM) so we can further assist you.




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Re: STR-DH770 not working with Optical Out from KDL-55W802A

Hello philipt95148, 



Greetings and thank you for your message. Based on the information you have provided we would like to recommend the following steps to find a solution to the issue you have described.


  1. Make sure that all devices connected to your television via HDMI are producing sound through the TV speakers when the Optical cord is not connected, if so proceed with the next steps.
  2. Check that the Optical cord is properly connected from the OPTICAL output of your television KDL55W802A and going into the OPTICAL in port of the receiver insert the plugs straight until they click into place.
  3. Press on the remote commander of the receiver the button labeled TV or if you are using the buttons on the front panel of the receiver rotate INPUT SELECTOR to choose TV which should flash on the front panel once selected.
  4. Make sure that the following setting options on your television are selected: 
    1. Selecting speakers to output sound:
      • Press the HOME button, then select [Settings].
      • Select [Sound]
      • Select [Speakers] 
      • Select  [Audio System].
    2. Outputting sound from Audio out
      • In [Settings] Select [Sound]
      • Select [Headphone/Audio Out]
      • Select [Audio Out] then choose [Fixed] to adjust the volume using the receiver's remote control.
    3. Go back to the main screen and then check if you are getting sound from any device connected on your television through the receiver.
  5. If the issue persists, after changing the previous options on your television, try these steps on your receiver: 
    1. Make sure that the receiver has the speakers activated by pressing the SPEAKER button on the front panel and choose either SP A, SP B or SP A B depending on the available speaker setup you are currently using.
    2. Press the AMP MENU,  select INPUT, then INPUT MODE on the display panel then select AUTO or OPT (optical)
    3. Change the SOUND FIELD by pressing  FRONT SURROUND, 2CH/MULTI, MOVIE, or MUSIC to select a different sound field that is not DIRECT.
  6. Check for sound.


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Registered: ‎03-22-2017
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Re: STR-DH770 not working with Optical Out from KDL-55W802A

Hi Jeannettez,


Thanks for your detailed solution.


Here are my answers:


1. All devices are connected directly to TV via HDMI so I can watch TV without switching ON receiver, only when I watch movie on Dolby Digital that I switch receiver on and rely on Optical to deliver Audio to Receiver and output to speakers. So YES, I can hear sound when optical cord is not connected or when receiver is not switched on.

2. Yes, checked. Optical cord is good.

3. Yes, checked. TV is shown on receiver display panel.

4. 1. Yes, checked. On KDL-55W802A, it's Option, scroll down to Speaker, select Audio system

    2. Not the same as your solution. On TV, it's Sony TV speakers properties/Advanced/Allow application to take exclusive control of this device/Give exclusive mode applications priority.

This is the set up for STR-DE935 which the STR-DH770 replaces. Components connection/Speakers connections are the same. It's a swap of receiver, out wiht old, in with new. Nothing else is changed.

5. Speaker is SPA, AMP menu/Input Mode/Input AUTO. Soundfield is MULTI.


Still no sound when connected to Optical.

HDMI to HDMI between components and Receiver works with sound out to speakers, but panel does not show Dolby Digital Surround indicator ON.


I got this set up to work with Yamaha RX-V381BL receiver with same connections, just did not like the sound compared to Sony.


The only difference is that I use this STR-DH770 as a 5.2 sytem, with Sony SACS9, instead of 7.2, but I don't think that is the problem.




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Re: STR-DH770 not working with Optical Out from KDL-55W802A

Hello philipt95148, 


Thank you for the update, can you send me by Private Message your contact information (name, phone number, event ID if available, best time to contact you to troubleshoot), I will request for one of our second level of support agents to contact you to try to resolve this issue over the phone asap. 


I'll be waiting for your information. 





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Registered: ‎03-22-2017
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Re: STR-DH770 not working with Optical Out from KDL-55W802A

hi Jeannettez,


Thanks for continue to work with me.


I solved the puzzle by shining a flashlight in the optical input of the receiver and found some paper debris blocking it.

Removing it carefully with a pair of twizzers and it worked.

One remaining question. Opt is showing on the front panel and Sound pattern is showing Dolby Digital 3/2.2 but the True Dolby HD sign never lit up?



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Registered: ‎09-08-2014
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Re: STR-DH770 not working with Optical Out from KDL-55W802A

Hello philipt95148, 


I'm glad that you have found the problem and got it solved, regarding the True Dolby HD signal if the external device has already the audio output signal set to send this type of audio try setting the receiver's audio out to AMP only following the next steps, as well keep in mind that for certain types of audio formats it is required to connect an HDMI cord instead of an optical from the source to the receiver to be able to detect the signal properly, which in this particular case it is necessary. For more information regarding this specification check the link  HERE


  1. Press AMP MENU.
  2. Select HDMI  then AUDIO OUT on the display panel.
  3. Select AMP



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Re: STR-DH770 not working with Optical Out from KDL-55W802A

Settings (or Amp Menu) is a lot more that just the "calibration" tab/page in the unit's front display. You can toggle down or up to access different headings which when you acess, you can find several other pages of settings. If you want out of wherever you have landed, just use the button on the left labelled "previous." From theses pages you have a wealth of customizations you can bring into play. Anything you don't know what a Google search. The first option is usually The Sony Help pages for STR DH770 or whatever Sony product you are seeking help with. (example: "what is Sony Audio Sync?")

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