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Registered: ‎11-25-2013

STR-DN1030 HDMI Passthrough

I have a nw STR-HD1030 connected to a Direct TV receiver  (as input) and a Vizio LCD TV as output.  I have my HDMI settings menu set to Ctrl for HDMI "ON", and Passthrough set t "ON" so that I can watch TV and have the TV sound when the receiver is turned off.


The problem I have is with the Audio Out setting.  If I set this to "AMP" I get no sound on the TV when the receiver is in standby.  If I set this to "TV+AMP" I do get Video and Sound on the TV when the receiver is in standby.  However, when I turn on the receiver (witht the source set to the Direct TV box), I get sound from both the receiver and the TV - which are not synchronized and create an huge "echo" effect.  I can mute the TV or reduce the TV sound to zero to solve this problem - but why should I have to do that?


When the receiver is in standy, it should pass both sound and video to the TV via the connected HDMI cable.


When the receiver is on, it should pass only video to the TV - all sound should come from the speakers connected to the receiver.  The Onkyo receiver I replaced handled this without problem. 


I must be missing something here in the setup.  Any suggestions?



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Re: STR-DN1030 HDMI Passthrough

This is mostly caused by the A/V Sync function of the devices. Please set the AUDIO HDMI OUT of the STR-DN1030 to AMP so that the sound of the Direct TV channels will not be outputted through the TV speakers. Also, set the Pass Through option to ON (page 98 of the manual).

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