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STR-DN1030 Network setup

I received an STR-DN1030 for Christmas. I am having trouble getting to the network setup for wireless networks. The gui shows up on my TV screen until I click on network -- then the screen either goes to a white and blue screen that is blank or it goes back to my tv. The word network flashes up on the front of the receiver for a second but then goes to TV. I have the same problem with the Bluetooth setup screen. After playing with it for hours, I found a way to get to the setup: hold the bluetooth button on the front of the receiver until the word bluetooth stays on the front of the receiver. I can then get into the bluetooth setup menu. Then I hit the menu button again and go into the network setup. It will always say not connected the first time but if you hit the menu button one more time and select network again, you can get into the settings. I have updated the software but I still have the same issues. Has anyone else seen this behavior? Everything seems to work fine except for this dance to get into the settings. Should I return it?
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Re: STR-DN1030 Network setup

Hi Bob,


Welcome to Sony Community!


Check if Menu appears on front panel display of the Receiver. Then, press the Menu button and then select “Music” option. After that, select Home Network, so that the list of servers will be displayed.


You can also use Home Network button on supplied remote of the Receiver. Also, make sure that the cable between the Receiver and TV is securely connected.

Thank you for your post.