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Posts: 11
Registered: ‎04-06-2015
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Re: STR-DN1050 and Music Center

It's quite simple Erin:

Sony is dropping support for our Str-Dn1050 av receiver.
It's only 3 years old.

That's a terrible move from a big company like Sony.
They will lose customers over this, including myself.

I will never buy another Sony product again. Knowing they will just drop support on the product at their own will.

While I understand that the product will still function as intended without the app. But in this day and age apps support a product and will continue to do so for at least 5 years or so.

Think Sonos, Bose etc.

Bad move Sony
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Registered: ‎07-18-2017
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Re: STR-DN1050 and Music Center

Hi Erin,


I have an STR-DN1050.

I purchased it new 1 year ago.

It was the most expensive receiver in the shop, and I have always bought Sony products for over 35 years now.


What's wrong with my receiver is that on the box it advertised that there was an Android app that controlled it over network connectivity, and that I have just been told that in August that functionality will be removed.


How much does it exactly cost for a bit of programming to keep an app compatible with a legacy model?  

A couple of grand???

I counted over 35 complaints about this on your Google app ratings alone.

I'm safely assuming that to be less than 1% of the people who will actually bother to write, or who have even found out about this...not to mention other places to voice disgust like this forum, or the Apple version of the app ratings.

So that's going to easily be well WELL over 3500 people who will never EVER buy a Sony product again if you do something so small minded as this.

And given most people buy new stereo's less than every 5 years, and this one was over $1200, so that's well WELL over four million dollars of lost retail sales over the next few years, not to mention ongoing sales beyond the next few years, and lost sales due to bad reviews and recommendations against your products from disgruntled owners of stereo's with no network connectivity who for that reason now won't even be able to sell them on the used market.


....are you sure you thought this through??? 


Honestly, I thought so much higher of Sony than this.

Treat your customers like the buyers of cheap brand-X Chinese electronics and soon that's all you will be, Sony.


Posts: 6
Registered: ‎07-07-2017
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Re: STR-DN1050 and Music Center

In which shape might a company be where the management takes such narrow-minded decisions to save a little money?


In addition, Sony recently stopped the TrackId app (music recognition) for my Xperia smartphone (sure, not as importani as MusicCenter).


I´ll sell my Sony stock immediatly (if I had any).


I´m a long-term Sony customer, using a Sony Walkman (the MusicCassette player(!), I still have it) in he 80ies.


I also loved the STR-DN1050, bought in June 2017, and its ability for app control which has been essential for my purchase decision.


Highly disappointed now.


I just replaced my Sony tablet with a Samsung device.

It has been a Sony – never again!



Posts: 12
Registered: ‎07-21-2017
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Re: STR-DN1050 and Music Center

Erin, Seriously?  The issue is that you (Sony) are discontinuing software support (smartphone app) for an electronics device (DN-1050) for which customers paid several hundred dollars, when it's been out for only 3 years and most people expect a lifespan of 5-10 years. Some people have recently bought a new 1050 in recent months, with the understanding that it could be controlled with a smartphone app, and you are pulling support for the app.


Some of us rely heavily on the app for controlling our music and other content residing on network servers and other apps, and to lose compatibility with the App is a major inconvenience. It may completely change how we have to interface with the product, so that we may no longer be able to enjoy using it.


It was bad enough that Sony recently removed a Songpal app feature that had allowed us to play our iPhone music (or from a DLNA server) onto a different renderer than the Sony AVR (I was able to play via my PS Audio Perfectwave DAC), but at least that had never been a promised feature and we the customer had no say in that decision. 


And, Pioneer at least kept their old app available for download on the Apple App Store when they introduced a new app with a new name for newer products, in order to provide backward compatibility with their older products. SONY should KEEP the 5.1.2 App in the store for future downloads. When my son heard about this Songpal Music Center decision to drop support, he feared this could happen too soon with other Sony products, and last week he bought a new Pioneer VSXLX102 instead of the Sony STR-DN1080 that he was planing to buy.


While we no longer own a 1050 we have a 1060 in the bedroom and a 1070 in the family room (both bought in 2016), and IF YOU (SONY) EVEN THINK ABOUT REMOVING SUPPORT FOR THE IPHONE APP WITH THESE PRODUCTS IN THE NEXT 5 YEARS I WILL WORK VERY HARD TO KEEP EVERYONE I KNOW FROM EVER BUYING SONY PRODUCTS!  


I expect people with the 1050 to fight you just as hard. How's that for a first post?

Posts: 12
Registered: ‎07-21-2017
Message 15 of 217 (6,600 Views)

Re: STR-DN1050 and Music Center

[ Edited ]

double post of course

Posts: 6
Registered: ‎07-07-2017
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Re: STR-DN1050 and Music Center

Freezing/keeping app version 5.1.2 for future downloading for STR-DM1050 would be a big step forward, and could be implemented by Sony at nearly no cost.


But I don´t expect any reaction by Sony – a similar proposal has already been made here on 07-08-2017.


Freezing would also be no complete solution. What about compatibility with future operation system (iOS, Android) versions?

Unsupported software ages, gets obsolete: Planned Obsolescence-


I claim full support in long-term.



P.S.  I use App Control for my HarmanKardon receiver and my LG TV device since many years, without any problems. Its a standard in nowadays consumer electronics. 

Posts: 11
Registered: ‎04-06-2015
Message 17 of 217 (6,262 Views)

Re: STR-DN1050 and Music Center

No feedback from Sony.
This just confirms that they don't care at all.

I'll be selling my av-receiver and will never buy another Sony product again.

I'll tell my friends and family to do the same.
Posts: 16
Registered: ‎07-06-2017
Message 18 of 217 (6,225 Views)

Re: STR-DN1050 and Music Center

I did receive a private message from someone at Sony who first questioned where I had gotten the information about discontinuing support of the STR-DN1050 by Music Center, indicating that he was unaware of this.  So, I replied with an explanation and text from Google Play Store.  He said he would check on it.  A few days later I received this reply (shown below).   It appears that Sony either doesn't care about customer support or is intentionally trying to drive people to buy the "latest and greatest".  I don't know if there is anything we can do.  They seem to ignore customer concerns expressed both here and on Google Play Store.  In a totaly different area, I had been looking at high-end mirrorless cameras, of which Sony has some that are highly reviewed.  But I would never purchase a Sony now since I fear that in two or three years, they would discontinue support.


Reply I received from Sony:


Hi Mr. Meyer,


We greatly appreciate your patience. Regarding the Music Center Support, I was informed that with the exception of avoiding the version 5.2 update on your current mobile or tablet device, there is no other workaround or option available because the support for this capability is ending on the STR-DN850, STR-DN1050, ICF-CS20BT and XDR-DS21BT models.


Please note that all functions on these devices can still be operated by the main unit or remote control. We apologize for any inconvenience this situation may cause and thank you for your kind understanding.


Best regards,


Posts: 2
Registered: ‎08-08-2017
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Re: STR-DN1050 and Music Center

Hey Guys
I'm disappointed too, I should have bought pioneer, when I had the choice, their app is great and sound quality not nearly as bad as people think, can't clog this for much any more without being dishonest about the lack of app support to the new owner, so I'll keep it as a spare. Best advice is to get the message across about Poor Sony customer service by god by on twitter and Facebook. I don't think you can do much about Sonys Arrogant attitude but you save others from going to Sony and feeding them! We have alternatives, use your freedom of choice!
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎08-08-2017
Message 20 of 217 (5,963 Views)

Re: STR-DN1050 and Music Center

Sorry for the typos, can't edit and not easy when your upset Smiley Happy

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