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Re: STR DN1070 Wired network problem


Hi, Ellested, Sony Community! 


You guys appear to be to located in Europe. It is possible that this issue occurs only in certain location/countries. Make sure the unit runs the latest software version. This link may be able to help us out as well with the issue:


Greetings and thank you for your message. For further assistance, we kindly recommend visiting our Sony Global Website for information on contacting the Sony Support Center in your region at Due to proximity, they are in a better position to respond to your questions or concerns.







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Re: STR DN1070 Wired network problem

VincentM you seriously point us to a "can't connect to the network" troubleshooting? Have you read the posts? :-)


The issue is not connecting. The receiver works fine when turned on and connected to the network. The problem is when you switch off the receiver it takes down the entire network until you unplug the LAN cable. In stand-by mode the receiver hammers the network with data. Only in LAN (Wired) not in Wifi.


We are all running the latest software.


Yes we come from europe - could it be that you have a different software team working on the units in Europe? There is an update that needs to be developed?

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Re: STR DN1070 Wired network problem

I am experiencing the same issue...If I unplug the power and redo the wired network connection it will last a day and then chokes my network so bad that nothing can get out to the internet.  I have now switched to the wifi adapter.  Hope they fix this soon

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Re: STR DN1070 Wired network problem

Is there any news about a new firmware update ?

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Re: STR DN1070 Wired network problem

Nope... Sony is silent as the grave...


I'm just starting to wonder if it actually is a firmware issue, or if it could be a physical problem...?

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Re: STR DN1070 Wired network problem

[ Edited ]

I'm having the exact same problem with a North American (US) STR-DN1050 model. I couldn't figure out why my network traffic was plummeting, and have a traffic analyzer on my router that clearly identifies the receiver as hogging all the bandwidth, to the point I was unable to even stream YouTube videos.


No firmware was available and all of the traffic was categorized under "Web Streaming" on the router. I've unplugged the receiver, as I use none of the web features on it. 


My only guess if Sony is hush hush about it, is that one of three possibilities:

1.) This is another compromised device that we've been hearing about in the news by government surveillance that is broadcasting a live video/audio feed

2.) It is a comprimised device being used in DDoS attacks as a zombie device

3.) There is a ridiculous bug in network coding that essentially causes the device to DDoS your own home network on accident, and was recently introduced with a firmware update


In any of the above, there is no reason to leave it plugged in as functionality hasn't changed since unplugging it. I have serious reservations about buying another Sony product of any kind in the future if I don't see some evidence that #1 and #2 aren't true.

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Re: STR DN1070 Wired network problem

Just use the WLAN instead of wired LAN, and your problems are gone. Only in America though, would someone even THINK of option #1 or #2... You could probably sue SONY for huge amounts of money as well, just to have them prove that you're wrong! Smiley Happy

By the way, SONY is a Japanese brand, not American, so I highly doubt there is any American Surveillance built into it! Smiley Happy

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