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TV (X930D) does not change to HDR mode when playing HDR content using the STR-DN1080.


For example, when the PS4 is connected through the receiver playing a HDR game on PS4 the picture mode does not change to HDR the same problem when watching a HDR movie with the blue ray (UBP-X800).


Now if I connect directly to the TV both PS4 and the blue ray the TV change to HDR mode automatically.


So? What is going on? Sony


Yes, I have HDMI enhanced mode enabled on all HDMI inputs and output

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Re: STR-DN1080 HDR

Hi Xfjsnc0,


Welcome and thank you for considering SONY Community!


We do understand that you want to display your game in HDR with this TV through this receiver.

However, there are specific pieces of information that we need to consider with this receiver.

See image below.




In this case, we highly recommend connecting your HDR capable devices directly to the TV for better watching/gaming experience.








If my post answers your question, please mark it as "Accept as Solution"


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Re: STR-DN1080 HDR

I have a similar issue with my PS4Pro


Have both TV and Amp set to HDMI enhanced, but the Amp will either do the following


Allow 4K HDR passthrough (TV will auto change)


Blank screen saying no signal (most of the time)


A snowy picture


Or, the picture will cycle through all three of the above and generally cut out leaving me with a blank screen anywhere from 10 seconds at a time to up to 30 mins at a time.


If the picture comes on and it is good, and I do not play a game with HDR enabled, then usually I can play for about hald an hour before the picture cuts to a blank screen again.


The sony response in this thread is simply not good enough, I bought this amp to allow a 4K 60FPS HDR passthrough as advertised via HDMI to allow for the best audio visual experience.  I do not wish to connect direct to TV and audio via optical cable.


Setting the Amp to standard will only allow me a 1080P picture with a HDR enabled game playing.


Another quirk is often the amp will allow a passthrough when switched off....switching it on to get the audio screws it up even more.  This is occasionally though as quite often i will get a blank screen


I've been through 3 different hi speed HDMI cables.  As i can sometimes get the picture as advertised I assume this is an issue with the amp that can be addressed via a firmware update.


FYI my TV is the 65"XD93 like yours.


Help please Sony - Resetting the TV and Amp does nothing, and yes both are fully firmware compliant.



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Re: STR-DN1080 HDR

So far my experience is that it does work when whatever it want to works. I do get a lot a black screen switching back and for, then the Sony response doesn't help because it is what is the manual like we're idiots that don't knows how to read and understand the technology...also this receiver is a lot slower that the 10 years old receiver I had...
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Re: STR-DN1080 HDR

I'm having a similar issue, I believe the STR-DN1080 has mediocre HDR support.

When HDR is enabled, signal negotiation takes longer than without. With an Nvidia Shield, HDR works pretty well... but it doesn't work at all with Sony's own PS4 Pro!

The equipment I have is:

Samsung MU6300 series TV
PS4 Pro (HDR Not Working)
Nvidia Shield (HDR Working)

I've replaced all the cables - so I know it's not a cable issue.

The receiver LCD panel keeps flickering when I use HDR mode but the TV displays No Signal. Seems like a negotiation problem?
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Registered: ‎09-25-2017
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Re: STR-DN1080 HDR

I just tried again, HDR works fine if I plug the PS4 Pro directly into my MU6300 but via the STR-DN1080 it doesn't work.

I think it's a problem with the STR-DN1080...
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Re: STR-DN1080 HDR

Have you guys found a solution too this yet? I'm having the same trouble. Replaced all cables, but having either flickering or no signal when attempting HDR. If I bypass the receiver, it works without issue. This problem persists with my gaming PC (Nvidia GTX 1070 GPU), Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro. If I turn off the enhanced mode on the receiver, it seems to work, but I lose HDR.
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Re: STR-DN1080 HDR

Both of you need to call Sony's tech support line.
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Re: STR-DN1080 HDR

Same issue here. Was trying to adjust settings for couple of hours, but it seems that it is the AMP that doesn't really support HDR

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Registered: ‎05-18-2017
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Re: STR-DN1080 HDR

I want to say that all is working fine now for me, it just started working, now the AV Receiver pass 4K HDR and all others format. So I'm happy, but I still believe this receiver is kind of slow when switching inputs, etc.

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