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Registered: ‎11-29-2017
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STR-ZA5000ES Firmware update issues

I did not see any topic on this and I thought it would be good for the other to know, how to recover from a failed firmware update.


I saw an update for 5000ES to .174 firmware. Initially I tried the network update. Download was successful and receiver went into Update mode. At around 90%, it said update failed. It told me to insert a SD card and press power to continue.


I did not know what this meant, so I referred to Manual and it said in there to download the firmware from the support website, put it on SD card and follow the instruction on the receiver panel. Follow link below:


After completing above and following the onscreen instruction, the receiver was stuck on Updating 0% for about 20 minutes and then on Update Final Processing for another 30 min and finally said Update complete.


I was delighted to see Update complete, until I went to use the receiver….No Signal from HDMI, No onscreen setup menu. I had no Clue how to force SD card update again. After ****** out for about 1 hour, I finally figured out that AMP Menu was working.

Clicked AMP menu on receiver, used the arrows to go to System Setup and then to USB update. Pressed OK twice and then receiver started to update. Went to about 90%, Update failed.


Tried the same again and this time it said, Update completed, but to my luck I am back to same issue , No Signal from HDMI, No onscreen setup menu, wont connect to network. Software version was showing -.----. To make things worse I tried the USB update again, but the receiver got stuck on Please Wait for almost 1 hour.


I tried multiple things as suggested in Manual, Clearing the Memory, Restarting the receiver and so forth. No Luck! After tinkering for about 3 hours, I gave up and decided to call the support in Morning.


After Couple of hours, I went to give it one lost shot and noticed the Tuner setup greyed out in AMP Menu under System Setup. It didn’t make sense. I clicked Tuner button on Receiver first and then clicked the AMP menu, went to system setup and tried the USB update one last time. It was stuck on Please wait for about 5 minutes and then it went to Updating 90%...91%..93% all the way to 98% and said Update completed.


Finally, the receiver came back alive! I don’t know why putting it on tuner and doing and update would work. Hope this helps someone.


Please leave a comment if it worked for you Smiley Happy


Note: I am not responsible if your receiver bricks. This is what has worked for me. Please let us know if something else worked for you.








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Registered: ‎07-28-2017
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Re: STR-ZA5000ES Firmware update issues

Thanks for sharing. You should've had to go thru all that work to get an update to work. Glad it worked out.
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎11-29-2017
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Re: STR-ZA5000ES Firmware update issues

Tell me about it....I thought I was looking at $2100 paper weight.

May be future firmware updates will fix this issue.

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