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STRDN1080 - Play music and video games at the same time

So, we just got a Sony STRDN1080 AV receiver. We have an older model Sony Bravia KDL-60W610B TV.


All we want to be able to do is play video games from the PS4, and stream music through the receiver (either our LP player or Spotify) at the same time.


We want to be able to control it with a remote and not have to constantly get up and unplug cords.


I have de-activated all of the HDMI smart features such as auto-on and auto-off etc.


I even tried buying a splitter and connecting that at the Playstation so that we could either receive the signal straight to the TV or through the STRDN1080. That resulted in a flickering image coming from the playstation. 


So far, we have not found anything that works, other than changing the HDMI cord from the TV to the receiver every time we want to change our setup. This is annoying and results in a lot of rage. Smiley Happy


Either we figure out a way to do this, or we return the STRDN1080. I am very surprised that Sony would not have anticipated that people may want to game and listen to music at the same time. That seems like pretty basic level stuff.

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Re: STRDN1080 - Play music and video games at the same time

It may seem like basic level stuff to you but obviously it isn't a feature that is universally supported by all modern AV receivers. Not blaming Sony on this one. Have you designed and brought a product to market before? I have. Do you honestly think that you can provide for every possible use case?

There are different brands and models with different features at various price points for a reason. You, as the consumer are offered choices. Choose wisely.

Basically, you bought the wrong product. Return or exchange it. Marantz models (most, if not all can...NR1608 and higher I'm sure) do this thru the options menu. No swapping cables and what not but it isn't one button click either (3+) to enable, the same to disable. You don't have to keep toggling HDMI CEC on and off. All the sources (obviously) must run thru the receiver's inputs. If Marantz has it, it most likely is on a Denon as well. Can't speak to Yamahas but the answer can be readily found if you look for it.

This isn't what I would consider a feature that most people demand. Not everyone games. Not everyone who games wants to run video from the console and audio from another source. I have a game console and don't use this feature for gaming. I use it for sports. I can see what is happening so I sometimes don't want to hear commentary and if I do want it, closed captions work just fine. That being said, most people probably wouldn't use a feature like this every day. For you, on the other hand this may be your typical use or use it more commonly. One size doesn't fit all. Find the size that fits you.

If this is a deal breaker feature, you need switch receivers. Just make sure you are not trading other features you need when you do.
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Re: STRDN1080 - Play music and video games at the same time

No need for the attitude.


This is our first attempt at home theater. I have never owned a receiver before. I read dozens of articles before buying, and ran comparisons across many purchasing websites. The Sony STRDN-1080 kept coming up as the best receiver for the price range. I compared every feature that I knew to compare, but there is a learning curve. 


Considering the fact that the feature that I am seeking is a nameless feature, I am not even sure how I would find out which receivers are able to do it and which are not. Even now, it is hard to search for the feature because there is no common way to describe it. Since this was my first receiver purchase, I had no idea it was not a commonly available option.


What I was looking for by posting here were responses from people who are more intimately familiar with home theater/Sony settings and features. I know I am new at this, and I thought there would be other people who knew how to accomplish what I was trying to do. I was not looking for, "You chose wrong."


Turns out that the receiver does in fact do what I want it to do, it is just going to involve setting up the Zone 2 features of the receiver. I will post the solution when I am 100% certain that it works, in case other people are trying to accomplish the same thing.


As for whether most people demand the feature...I have no idea. I do know that there are a lot of posts across the web where people complain about not being able to play music and watch sports, or play music and play video games, so I am obviously not alone. I think it may be beneficial for Sony to consider adding a firmware update or other means to meet this need in a more obvious way.



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Re: STRDN1080 - Play music and video games at the same time

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Re: STRDN1080 - Play music and video games at the same time

"No need for the attitude."

"That seems like pretty basic level stuff"

You set the tone of your response. If this is your first AVR, how would know what is 'basic stuff'? If you research that others want this feature, why would you not ask them what they bought to get it?

Now, you can sit here and argue about why this isn't there or insist it should be added to firmware but neither change anything.

The STR-DN1050 does have it, the STR-DN1070 doesn't have it, and yours doesn't have it. You can assume it's missing in the inbetween years I haven't mentioned. That's going back a few years. This concept didn't become a thing when you thought of it and now Sony is going to change it because of you.

Using zone 2 can be done but it's not the same thing as using all of the zone 1 speakers with a different video source. It's a hack. It has all the limitations of using using zone 2. It only works from analog or streaming. I assume you're ok with sending it out to a different speaker pair, moving around existing speaker wires, or using a 2nd amplifier.

The STR-DN1080 can not nor ever will give split audio/video in a single zone. You can create a zone 2 set up and provide it separate speakers, swap wires between main and zone 2, or send it to another amplifier. Have fun.
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Re: STRDN1080 - Play music and video games at the same time

If you perceived attitude in the simple statement, "That seems like pretty basic level stuff," then I really don't know what to say. What I meant was that it seemed like a basic need, and so I must be missing something. I assumed it was buried somewhere in the settings, and someone more knowledgeable than me could help.


I did not begin to research this specific issue until I got the receiver hooked up and could not figure out how to accomplish what I needed to. I read many articles before buying, and it was never mentioned.


Not sure why you apparently took this so personally.


It is standard practive for firmware updates to address user needs, so, I don't know what is unreasonable about hoping for that (especially since many people are complaining about it online). Based on the people I know, listening to music while doing something different on the tv is very common.


As for Zone 2...I will post again with instructions if it works. Based on my understanding, we would simply run a 2nd HD wire from the receiver to the TV in Zone 2. Then, we could game on the TV in zone 2, while playing music on all the speakers in zone 1 and control it all with the remote. No need to swap wires or sacrifice speakers for the music.



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Re: STRDN1080 - Play music and video games at the same time

Hi Katayoe


I would like to be able to play games & listen to music at the same time too, so if you managed to sort it out I would be very gratefull if you could pass on the method.

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Re: STRDN1080 - Play music and video games at the same time

Hi Paul,


I just got it set up correctly yesterday.


The solution is to use Zone 2.


Basically, you will have one HDMI cord going to one input on your tv, and a second HDMI cord going out from Zone 2 HDMI on the receiver to a second input on your TV.


(I have the main HDMI connection going to input #2, and I have the Zone 2 connection going to input #3.)


Then, I turned zone 2 on in the settings. I also selected the PS4 as the source for the HDMI zone 2. All of these instructions were in the manual that came with the receiver. 


Instructions are also here:


Once you get it set up, you can just change the input channel on the TV depending on what you want to do. So, when I want to play music I use input #2 (zone 1) and start the music playing, then I switch to input #3 (zone 2) to play the PS4 and the music continues to play. Problem solved. When I want to watch a movie and have the speakers, I switch back to input #2 (zone 1) and choose the PS4 as the input (I can also turn zone 2 off at that time if I want).


I don't know what brand of TV you have, but I have a Sony TV so I also had to turn off all of the "smart HDMI" features. When those stay on, the tv tries to automatically sync with the receiver which causes some issues.


Also, I am not currently using the zone 2 speaker connections at all. I have a 5-1 setup in the main room, and those two connectors are empty. If I was using those connections, it may have been more complicated. I would have needed to change some additional settings.


If you need more step-by-step instructions, just let me know and I will try to break it down more. 


To anyone else reading this: yes, you can play video games/watch tv AND listen to music at the same time using zone 1 and zone 2. Both zone 2 and zone 1 can go to the same TV, and both zones can be in one room. It works well. No lag or other issues noticed. 


I hope this helps others who are having this issue.


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Re: STRDN1080 - Play music and video games at the same time

 I also want to play electronic and listen to music at home, if the device is integrated through HDMI is very good

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Re: STRDN1080 - Play music and video games at the same time

Can you please give a little more detail? I cannot get my receiver to output a signal to both of my zone 1 and zone 2 connections

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