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Registered: ‎09-08-2017
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Sony BDVN890W/Z Blu-ray keeps shutting off after period of time

I have my BDVN890W/Z setup with all the power save options disabled.


I am running it as such:


(1) HDMI out to my TV directly

(1) Optical audio in from the TV


"HDMI for control" is enabled. I have disabled audio return in this menu.


All my other components (PS4, Dish Network box) are HDMI direct to the TV. I am using the TV to return the audio to the Sony receiver for speaker output. I do not use the TV speakers nor do I want do.


My TV is a Sony KDL-70R550A.


The issue is that after a period of time (say, pausing the satellite dish playback for > 30 minutes, or the PS4, or anything else), the BDVN890 receiver seems to go to sleep/shut off, and as such audio is now played out of the TV speakers. I never had this problem before when I was using audio return via HDMI from the TV to output to the speakers. Now that it's s/pdif (optical audio) it seems the receiver thinks that since there's no input, there's no reason to stay awake.


The worst thing is there is NO option anywhere in the receiver menu to disable "power save" fully, the only things I could find are "Power save drive".  I also have disabled all power saving features of the TV and this still happens. 


It's like if there's no signal down the optical line from the TV -> receiver, the thing goes to sleep/shuts off. Since the HDMI from the sat box goes direct to the TV, the receiver has no HDMI input to check for signal and assumes it should shut off.


It's got the latest software installed (receiver and TV).


I'm about ready to chuck this thing out the window, please advise. Thanks.

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Registered: ‎06-09-2017
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Re: Sony BDVN890W/Z Blu-ray keeps shutting off after period of time

My sony is not working 

check this link
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Re: Sony BDVN890W/Z Blu-ray keeps shutting off after period of time

Hi WebguyEvo9,


Welcome and thank you for considering SONY Community!


This is a normal operation of the BluRay player. This is stated in the manual of the unit:

"The system automatically returns to standby mode

If any button on the unit or remote is not pressed within 30 minutes, the system automatically returns to standby mode."


You may also refer to pg.14 of the link below:


I hope it helps.


However, if the problem persists even after less than 30 minutes, then a service may be required.





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