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Sony HBD-TZ140 low volume

I recently purchased a used RV and it has a Sony HBD-TZ140 "theater in a box" system. Attached to the system are Sony SS-TS121 speakers for left and right front and Sony SS-CT121 for a center channel speaker. There are L&R rears that I didn't dig out of the cabinet, but I assume they're the same speakers.

Anyway, we went took our RV for the first time and watched TV one evening. We had to put the volume on the system to 100% in order to get a volume level that most would be consider is just a "normal" listening level. Same problem while watching a DVD. So is this system so "whimpy" that the best it can do is a "normal" listening volume at a 100% volume setting, or am I missing something? 


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Registered: ‎07-19-2017
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Re: Sony HBD-TZ140 low volume

No one has had this problem?

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Re: Sony HBD-TZ140 low volume

Hi Ualdriver,


Welcome to the SONY Community!


We are sorry to hear that the unit had a low volume. Below are the steps to troubleshoot the issue.


NOTE: Because each of these steps represents a possible solution to this issue, check for sound after completing each step.

  1. Verify that the speakers are properly connected to the A/V receiver.

    IMPORTANT: Make sure that the A/B speaker selector is set to the appropriate position. If the speakers are connected to the A speaker connections on the rear of the A/V receiver, then the A/B speaker selector must be set to the A position.

  2. Verify that the A/V receiver is not set to MUTE.
  3. Check each input function, including AM and FM, to verify you are not able to get audio through any of the inputs.

    NOTE: If the audio problem is only with the HDMI® inputs, make sure the A/V receiver is set to HDMI inputand that HDMI is not assigned. Sony® Elevated Standard (ES) A/V receivers are not designed to allow HDMI audio to be assigned to other input names.

  4. Run the test tone function (if applicable for your model of A/V receiver).

    IMPORTANT: Some Sony receivers have a MicroSP setting in the speaker setup which will cause low audio level when not using Micro speakers. Ensure the speaker setting matches the type of speakers connected.

  5. Check to see if the A/V receiver is set to a surround sound mode.
  6. Try setting the A/V receiver to a different surround sound mode.
  7. Try changing the TV+AMP setting on the receiver to AMP.
  8. Attempt to increase the volume level.
  9. Make sure no headphones are connected to the A/V receiver.
  10. Replace the speaker wires.
  11. Try connecting a different pair of speakers.
  12. Low volume may also be a result of another component connected to one of the input sources, such as a Set-top Box (STB) or television.

    1. Check the connection between your source and the A/V receiver to make sure they are securely connected.
    2. Try a different input jack to eliminate any issues with the current jack that is being used.

      NOTE: If the audio is being sent from a television or STB to the A/V receiver, it may be necessary to disable the internal speakers of the input source or set the audio output of a TV to FIXED or VARIABLE. If the audio output of a TV is set to VARIABLE, then you will need to increase the volume level of the TV.

    3. Switch to a different source, such as a CD player, to verify whether the volume is low on all sources or just the one that you are using.

      IMPORTANT: If the volume level sounds fine on all other input sources or when playing the A/V system separately, contact the manufacturer of the input source with low volume for further assistance.

    If the issue is still unresolved, service may be required.


Best regards,



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Registered: ‎07-19-2017
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Re: Sony HBD-TZ140 low volume



Thanks.  It ended up being Step 12, substep 2.  Changing the setting to "fixed" did the job.



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