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Sony HT-ST5000 Xbox One CANT see 5.1 dipslay on sound bar help

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Hi can some advie me please i have the XBOX ONE X but cant get the 4k out to put to the sony ht-st5000 for some reasson the soundbar does not like the xbox one x.Do i plug the XBOX HDMI to the TV or in to the soundbar ? i tried the soundbar i see the picture for about 1 second then it goes of display all the time for now im not using the soundbar due to the 4K problem i am having sorry.


I have the SAMSUNG QLED QE55Q7FAM current model not even 1 year old.I can change the xbox setting to 1080p and the soundbar shows it in 5.1 surround but for some reasson it does not like the the 4K for any game in 4K OR HDR OR SOUND IN 5.1 ETC.I spent over 1 hour with sony customer service and they was not much help i also spoke to xbox support and they told its the problem is with the soundbar 



PS any help will be great i also had some come round my home who is expert in home cinema set up etc doing tv etc and they was lost and did not how to fix it.





ALSO i have a seprate Blu ray 4k PLAYER i have tired this and it shows 5.1 or 7.1 movies fine.

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Re: Sony HT-ST5000 Xbox One CANT see 5.1 dipslay on sound bar help

I have a setup with the Xbox one X and the Sony HT-ST5000 with no problems with 4K. Maybe install the latest firmware update?


i did not have to change settings on the Xbox or the soundbar for this to work, The Xbox one X is directly conected tot the soundbar.

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Registered: ‎02-12-2018
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Re: Sony HT-ST5000 Xbox One CANT see 5.1 dipslay on sound bar help

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Hi i have the latest firmware for soundbar that supports DTS etc it took like 1 hour and if i check updates it says i have the latest.


Hi i think i have the TV HDMI going to the input or output i forget as im not sitting in front of yet sorry.Im told the HDMi from xbox x should goto in the soundbar in the HDMI in or output  ? 


Can you tell me your set up please ? are you using the BLACK HDMI lead that came with xbox one x ? 


as sony sent me this e-mail and i spoke to them on phone telling me i need to change HDMI for my QLED AND xbox to ULTRA HDMI or something i hope not lol Smiley Happy


here is cpy from e-mail    


.   Set HDMI signal format to Enhanced format on the BRAVIA TV. 

Press the HOME button on the remote control.

Select Settings.

Select External inputs in the TV category.

Select HDMI signal format and set to Enhanced format.    (BUY MY TV IS NOT SONY  BUT I KNOW ITS 4K HDR AS ITS 2017 MODEL NOT EVEN 1 YEAR)



Thank you for contacting Sony support regarding your HT-ST5000.


We are sorry to learn that your sound system not working with the HDR feature.


Regarding your query, please follow the below steps to help rectify the issue:


1. 1- Check the HDMI cable used as should be the Premium high speed HDMI cable which supports 18 Gbps.


2. Confirm that an HDMI terminal on the TV supports HDR.



4. Set the HDR to Automatic on the Xbox


For registration, please provide us with the 7 digit serial number of the device.


Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us


Thank you for your enquiry 


Yours sincerely,







p.s if the u can tell me your set up and what HDMI LEADS U USED THIS MIGHT HELP ME THANK YOU

Posts: 10
Registered: ‎02-12-2018
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Re: Sony HT-ST5000 Xbox One CANT see 5.1 dipslay on sound bar help

Hi ok we have tried all HMDI settings on the sound bar HDMI FROM XBOX to sound bad.None seem to work all tried all settings did everything with sony support.It seems to be the xbox one x for some reasson it does not like mthe sound bar i can get a picture for about 4 seconds there it goes off and back to the soundbar menu Sony have told me its not the sound bar that is faulty as i can plus my xbox one x in normal way to they and also i have a seprate blu ray player and it works etc.So it now been 2 week now im am stuck and there is nothing else i can do as tried it all.DO i need better HDMI LEAD or is that came with xbox x that is black good enough to use ?



Please can you tell your set from the xbox one x to the sound bar and settings what type of HDMI u are using please ? I REALLY DONT UNDERSTAND WHY I CANT GET THE PICTURE TO STAY ON SO FOR NOW NOT USING SOUND BAR AND REALLY UPSET COST ME ALOT OF M0NEY ETC. WANA COME AND FIX MINE ? ID OFFER U CASH


please note i am not using ATMOS yet.


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