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Sony LBT-SH2000 DJ Shake Sound System

I'm trying to buy the Sony LBT-SH2000 DJ Shake Sound System, but i wonder what the designers and engineers were thinking at the time they build this system when they put  rca type of audio cables instead of a single audio port wich is more updated?? Also, why just one single CD tray instead of at least two? You can't add more speakers neither and at $999...I wonder, WTF they had in mind when they come up with the idea of putting all this together and missing so obvious details? I would like to buy it, this seems to look like is a good system, but it could be waaaay much better, updated and unbeatable!! Can somebody help me out in this please?

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Re: Sony LBT-SH2000 DJ Shake Sound System

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Hello Jose,


Thank you for your suggestion.

As an alternative you canuse an audio cable with mini plug at one end and Red and white at other end with this system.

The hardware design cannot be changed with any Firmware updates.

May be, some newer versions of Hi-Fi Systems will have a single Audio IN jack.


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Tuning Up
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Re: Sony LBT-SH2000 DJ Shake Sound System

this system is great i sell alot of them but wy doesnt it have longer speaker wire to reach anywhere around the room its goin in. this is used for multiple different jacks. such as aux, cd, surround sound and more. i want the cd player in front of room and speakers in back and i cant wires to speakers are to short. and alot of ppl have said same thing.