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Registered: ‎04-13-2017
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VPL HW65ES "Out of frequency range" all the time

After 15 months and only 400 hrs of operation, my VPL HW65ES projector just gives me hard time when I try to watch a movie from any source. All the time it's just a black screen and "Out of frequency range" at the lower right corner! Sometimes it starts showing for few second and then it's black screen again, sometimes it shows few seconds and then it's just noisy screen (white-black noise dots everywhere), back to show for few seconds, noisy screen again!

I'm using Onkyo-828 receiver with two HDMI outputs, one for sony bravia TV, other for projector, I tried to disable one of the outs, that goes to TV, I tried to swap TV and projector outputs, I tried to disconnect HDMI cable connected to TV, I checked cable connections, tried to shut-down all the components including projector for 20 seconds and then startup everything again, always same results.
I tried streaming from Roku, games from PS4, videos from Iconbit media player, it's always "Out of frequency range".


Dear community, I found few topics with similar problem on this model and some other models, none of the solutions worked for me, please advise if I can fix this problem somehow. I love the projector, 3D is amazing, colors, brightness, I'm totally happy with it, but only when it actually works. Yesterday I spent an hour struggling with it and gave up finally


thanks in advance!

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Re: VPL HW65ES "Out of frequency range" all the time

Hi Rusaldeev,


Welcome and thank you for considering SONY Community!

If there is 
no picture and the screen is completely black, there may be a loose connection or an incorrect setting.

Follow these steps to try to troubleshoot this issue:


1. Make sure the projector is set to the appropriate video input to receive the signal from your receiver.

2. Verify that the video output setting of the source is either set to Auto or to the type of connection being used.

3. If the issue is not resolved, turn the other device and TV off.

4. Check the cable between the receiver and the projector to make sure it is securely connected to both products.


You can also check the Preset Signals supported by this projector in the link below.

Page 53.


For further troubleshooting steps, please click here.








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