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Wireless Surround Options in Sony HTNT5 Soundbar...

Good Day...


I recently purchased a Sony HT NT5 Soundbar System, due to the fact that I hate all wires typically present in a Receiver. I am very happy with the System and a few days ago I bought two h.ear go (SRS-HG1) speakers so as to use the Wireless Surround Configuration. The 5.1 resulting sound is very impressive but there is a lack of information about Wireless Surround Configuration in Web Site and Owners Manual. The result is some questions I hope someone would know,


1.- What is the difference bewteen Sound Effect "Surround", DTS NEO 6 Cinema and DTS NEO 6 Music? Maybe I am wrong but as I know those Effects are Virtual ways to produce Surround Sound from a Stereo Source but in with Wireless Surround you have a real 5.1 Configuration (well almost due to the fact that there isnt a Central Speaker).


2.- In Surround Speaker Configuration you can enter the distance of each rear speaker (I suppose to let the system try to mantain the surround effect in asymetric configurations) and also the Decibels of them. This second option puzzles me... The master control volume controls all speakers volume of the system, but changing decibels you can control each rear speaker volume. But what is the relation of each decibel in comparison to the master volume of the Soundbar? How can I know how each rear speaker decibel affects the relationship between this speakers and the master volume of the soundbar which also includes rear speakers?


3.- Finally, I only use the SRS-HG1 Speaker as rear speaker for the Soundbar (I dont use them as portable ones). Can I leave them all time connected to AC Power Line or it is harmful for the battery?


Hope someone can help... Thanks for your time an support...


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Re: Wireless Surround Options in Sony HTNT5 Soundbar...

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Hi Rgalindov, 


Welcome and thank you for considering the SONY Community!
Greetings and thank you for your message. On this site we are able to provide assistance for customers in North America. For further assistance regarding your product, we highly recommend visiting our Sony Global Web site for information on contacting the Sony Support Center in your region at




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Re: Wireless Surround Options in Sony HTNT5 Soundbar...

Dear RalphE,


Thanks for your answer but it puzzled me a bit. In your Home Community Page says:


"We officially support users from the US, Canada, Latin America and Asia Pacific. Neighbors from other regions are welcome to visit, just keep in mind that the information may not always apply.  BTW, the links in the header and footer are currently U.S. specific - sorry for any inconvenience this may cause for our non-US users."


Can you please clarify me this paragraph because in the first line it refers to others regions along with US. But in the last one it mentions "Header" and "Footer" Links only to US which by the way I dont thinks it includes the Forum Board itself...


Finally, the Links you provides results in a "dead page".


Thanks for your time,


Best Regards,



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