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XBR65X850E TV and BDV-e870 Receiver using HDMI Arc - Help?

Hi All,


I'm not very good with these things, so any help would be appreciated. I did a search but couldn't find anything on the board. 


I have the XBR 850E Tv hooked up to my BDV-e870 receiver. The receiver has 1 HDMI arc port and it's plugged into the TV's HDMI 3 ARC port. 


The remaining devices I have (mediapc and PS4) are hooked up via HDMI to the TV's HDMI port 1 and 2. My receiver does not have any other HDMI ports. The HDMI cables are all good and have been tested. 


As I understand it, the ARC port should be able to turn my tv and receiver on at the same time and switch to the audio speakers of my receiver. When I try this, my tv and receiver both turn on at the same time, and my tv displays "switch to external speakers". I get video but no sound. When I try to manually switch to external speakers from the sound option on my tv, it tries to switch but after a few seconds it says failed to switch over, switching back to tv speakers...(or something  very similar to that). I tried removing all inputs and just leaving the HDMI cable connected to both ARC ports. I then pulled the power from both tv and receiver and waited and reconnected the power. 


Using the home button, i browsed to Netflix and tried to see if I get sound from my external speakers. Still no luck.


Am I doing this wrong or is sound not supported via HDMI arc?


Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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Re: XBR65X850E TV and BDV-e870 Receiver using HDMI Arc - Help?

Hi Sydliv,


Welcome and thank you for considering the SONY Community!


We are sad to hear what happened. Follow these steps to troubleshoot why the audio, video, or both go out when using an HDMI® connection.

NOTE: Because each of these steps represents a possible solution to this issue, check the audio or video status after completing each step to make sure that audio or video drop out is no longer occurring.

  1. Make sure that the cables are securely connected to all of the components.
  2. Make sure that the HDMI cable is not being tied together or placed next to any power cables. Power lines or other cables that transfer voltage may cause interference to the HDMI signal so, during the installation, it is best to keep the HDMI cable separate from other lines or cables.
  3. If the audio system is connected to an input device not compatible with HDCP (High bandwidth Digital Content Protection), you cannot output any images. In this case, check the specifications of the connected device.
  4. For the STR-DN1060 and STR-DN860: If you cannot output 4K content on a TV, check the following:
    • When you connect an HDCP 2.2 compatible device to output 4K content, make sure to connect the device to the HDMI IN SAT/CATV jack and connect the TV to the HDMI OUT (ARC) jack of the AV receiver.
    • Depending on the TV or the video device, 4K content may not be displayed. Check the capabilities and settings of your TV and video device.
    • Be sure to use a High-Speed HDMI cable to enjoy the 4K content.
  5. Try connecting a different HDMI cable.

    NOTE: The quality of the HDMI cable will also cause drop out. We recommend using a Sony® HDMI cable or requesting a high-speed HDMI cable from your local electronics retailer.

  6. Verify that the appropriate input is selected on the home audio system.
  7. Initialize or reset the audio device to factory default settings.

    NOTE: Model-specific steps for initializing or resetting the device is available in the supplied manual. Go to Manuals, Specifications & Warranty.

  8. Reset the HDMI connection



Additional steps can be accessed from this link:






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