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Why is the Sony Bravia Mirror display so unpredictable.. or am I doing something wrong?

Hi.. so I'm not exactly sure which model of the Sony Bravia "Smart TV" I have, but it's about 1 year old and has built in wifi and Google Play etc.

I'm the only some-what tech savvy person in the family, I've got my family all looking to me to "hook it up & make it work" until we have the receivers up & running again.
We have Directv, which the Sony Bravia does have the built in Directv ready BUT we do not have our satellite installed yet, so no signal there.
(That's why we are using the Directv App on the Kindle and using mirror display to watch that on TV)

We just moved so we don't have Directv installed at the moment so I tried to do the mirror display function with my Kindle HDX (because I know this model DOES have mirror capabilities.. I didn't even try with Apple products because I figured you have to have "Apple TV " for that to work although I could be wrong).

So when I put up the TV in our new house and tried to connect to Kindle to mirror display, it actually worked, flawlessly on my 1st shot! No problems!

Turned everything off and tried to connect again the next day. Kindle settings recognized the TV, it said connecting and it disappeared for a second and went back to the connection options without ever connecting.

Skip to that evening. Just to make sure I didn't accidentally change something, I rebooted the TV & Kindle. Again, it connected flawlessly. Except that night it would NOT connect again. This time I know I was very careful about not changing any settings.

The SONY BRAVIA TV is connected via WI-Fi and not through an Ethernet cord. I wasn't sure if that would make a difference but where my TV is located at the moment, connecting via cord isn't possible right now.

I was just wondering if there was a "rhyme or reason" as to why the mirror display sometimes connects perfectly with ease and other times it's next to impossible! Even after rebooting both Kindle and TV. That worked once or twice, but only when it wants to!

I thought MAYBE because it's not connected through a cord? Maybe that's why connecting is so unreliable?
Has anyone else had a similar issue or have any idea as to what I may be doing wrong?
Any help, idea's or input of any kind would be helpful!

Thanks so much!!
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Re: Why is the Sony Bravia Mirror display so unpredictable.. or am I doing something wrong?

Hi Nyfawne,


Welcome to the Sony Community!


Thank you for sharing your experience in detail as it makes it easier for us to isolate the issue. It is best if we determine the model number of your TV first and go from there. You may visit the link below for the steps on how to get your TV's model number.,95543,96008,96058/c/65,66/kw/how%20t...


We would like to hear from you as soon as possible so we can provide you with the assistance that you need.


Best regards,


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Re: Why is the Sony Bravia Mirror display so unpredictable.. or am I doing something wrong?

I've had similar problems using the TV's miracast functionality.  An android phone would connect once and work OK, but then fail until either or both the phone and TV were restarted.  A windows 10 laptop will connect but lags about a minute behind and is completely unusable (but the same laptop will work with a Roku 3's screen mirroring).


However, since you mention havinging apple devices, I found the 'Air Screen' app to have usable airplay emulation.   Also, if you have a PC or Mac that can run the chrome web browser, you can 'cast' a tab to the TV (without any other apps).  The Chromecast emulation works much better than miracast which is a different concept.

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