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Registered: ‎04-17-2017
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XBR-75X850D Wired Network Issues

I have 3 XBR-75X850D's that are experiencing network connectivity issues. On a fresh boot the tv's function correctly for a several mimutes up to 1 day. Shorly after they begain to fail to connect to the network. I have completed several packet captures from the port level on the switch. I have confirmed the TV's are making a DHCP request, the dhcp server is responding with an availbe address but the TV's are not replying to the DHCP response. When a static IP has been assigned, the TV does not respond to ICMP or any other requests and still has a failed connection state. It appears to be an issue with all 3 tv's. These had previously been fucntioning and stopped within the last few weeks. Software version is the latest version. A restart of the TV from the menu or a factory reset is the only way to get the TV's network interface to function again. 

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Registered: ‎04-20-2017
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Re: XBR-75X850D Wired Network Issues

I have this same issue with my XBR. A lot of people have network issues with these TVs (Wifi or wired) and I'm not entirely sure this is a Sony issue or an Android TV OS issue. Either way, it's very annoying that my TV will drop the connection often whereas my PS3 is the epitome of reliability when it comes to network connectivity. Setting static IP in my TV and turning off Wifi direct didn't help. I wish there was someone in Sony who would actually respond with more than just their canned response and actually try to replicate this in a lab and work with Google to fix this (if it's an Android TV OS issue).

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Registered: ‎04-17-2017
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Re: XBR-75X850D Wired Network Issues

Someone in Sony engineering has got to be aware of these issues. When will they step up with a resolution or acknowledge the problem exist? Sony is building a bad reputation here.

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