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60m Flash Fire PIN is not in the center of the Hot Shoe (standard) ... Off camera Sony cord is not Standard on both ends

by Hawaii-Geek Professional on ‎04-22-2014 05:12 AM
on a A7r ,  Fired Nikon Flashes off a Nikon cord , and a copy Nikon TTL cord by Vello 3 foot us$14.99 ... both worked in Manual Mode on the Flash.
* Problem is the Sony 60m Flash will not trigger because the PIN does not line up in the center of a Standard Hot Shoe.  I noticed this issue with "other"  Hot Shoes I use for Off Camera , like the RadioPopper JrX Hot Shoe adapter. (the Sony 60m will not line up)
I use the Sony FA-CC1AM TTL cord to fire off the Sony 60m Flash in TTL.  It works!
Though, there is that 60m TTL flash delay (slow fire) still.  
This is from Dec 2012  Gary Friedman  (Sony Advocate fyi)
Now , here is where I think Sony needs to improve.
1)  The cord only works on Sony Flashes.  The flash end only will plug into Sony Flashes.  (very BetaMax like)
2)  on this "AM" cord you will need a "MIS Adapter".  and that does NOT have a lock ... so it can come off.
3)  The Sony Cord is kinda "thin"  ... even the cheap Vello's cord is thicker and looked more heavy duty.
4)  And new Sony Flash , needs to be FASTER, Radio Wireless, and have "standard" trigger inputs like this one
5)  Make the MIS  "Flash"  FOOT  "PIN"   line up to the Standard Hot Shoe ... so it can be triggered Manually via any Radio Hot Shoe.
There is a few Hot Shoes that the 60m Flash will not work with ... including the Nikon cord and the RadioPopper JrX Hot Shoe Adapter.
The Sony TTL Flash delay , is why on Wireless flash , on fast moving night events I still use my Nikon flashes in Manual Mode via RadioPoppers.