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A7r Grip closer to what the OLY M1 has and with two(2) customizable BUTTONS next to the lens mount

by Hawaii-Geek Professional on ‎02-24-2014 04:56 AM

A7r Grip closer to what the OLY M1 has and with two(2) customizable BUTTONS next to the lens mount



* M1 Grip felt "Superior" to me , with more room on the inside for your fingers - to the lens.


AND has two programmable buttons (like Nikon) which are very useful. (something I have yet to see on a SONY)


... also the deeper grip of the M1 imho even with say the 35mm f2.8 would not stop you from putting it in the same bag as the A7r.


I fail to see the Flat Grip shape advantage of the A7r. 

by alphafuturefan Specialist
on ‎02-24-2014 10:26 AM

I'm "me too"ing the custom buttons by the grip. That I really want. The rest I have no opinion on, not having used either. Sony should also add more custom buttons to A-mount

by Hawaii-Geek Professional
on ‎02-25-2014 04:43 AM



I agree ... the two buttons  by the grip  ... should be added to the A-Mount  too


Smiley Happy

by alphafuturefan Specialist
‎03-01-2014 07:34 PM - edited ‎03-01-2014 07:39 PM

I was wondering what you thought of this: Two way buttons. There is limited space available on alpha cameras, so limited button room. My idea is that instead of having button push directly in, some buttons, (especially the hypothetical ones by the grip) should be on almost a hinge, that they can rock either right/left, or up/down. One is essentially now two. Of course these button would be shaped differently to be optomized for this new design. Likely larger, (again by the grip) I suspect this would do well with gloves.


  I would also like to modify your reply- why only "two" buttons for Amount? Cameras could be optimized for vertical grips as well, why can't there be two buttons on that, to exactly mirror the camera set up in portrait orientation. (see a picture of the 1dx for an example).

by Hawaii-Geek Professional
on ‎03-01-2014 09:52 PM



I DO like your idea of the  two buttons on the ... ADD-ON  Grip as well.


On the ALPHA  ...  note the M1 (OLY m4/3) and  a7r  is basically the same size  (pic).

BUT,  imho  the  GRIP felt better .... AND,  left ROOM  for  the  two buttons  (easily).

* It is also one of the problems with the  FAT  Grip Design on the  E-Mount.

(note: that FAT/ Flat design  does not "really"  save you space when in a bag. .  because of the LENS.


Normally these two buttons are quick push buttons.    So on the  FRONT buttons I am not sure about a toggle.    (even though more is nice  ... M1 handled this by a  MASTER SWITCH, that can CHANGE ALL your button configs ... Vertually DOUBLING your Button choices on a Flip of a switch.


***  A SWITCH ... OFF THE RIGHT HAND  is a better solution  ... a MASTER SWITCH.   



* Also , you want  it to be as close to what  "other's" are using  NOW.     and these two buttons are getting more common.      Because they work and are useful. Smiley Happy



by Hawaii-Geek Professional
on ‎03-01-2014 10:13 PM

For ALPHA  the MASTER SWITCH  that should be Used (and can be changed in a FW update) is the  Current... AF/MF - AEL  Switch !!!


Flip the switch ... and instead of  JUST one button change ... ALL your buttons CAN CHANGE !


note : you also have that option to keep some of the buttons the same.


Options are always BEST ... and MORE  (off the switch)  is ALLWAYS BETTER !    Smiley Happy

by alphafuturefan Specialist
on ‎03-02-2014 10:48 AM

Well, yes and no.

  Just because other companies use single button designs doesn't mean Sony needs to copy them. Sony is all about innovation. That's the main reason I bought an Alpha camera.

  I may not be explaining myself well. I mean for the two buttons to be quick push, just that the buttons can be "quick pushed" in two directions. I do think the grip should be fine tuned to allow for front buttons though.

  About the button to flip settings, it can be a bit annoying to need to need to flip a switch to get to another setting, then flip it back to get to the original.  Not to mention the micro-lag which I hope the new Bionz X eliminates. A-mount is turning into a performance line, meaning speed of access. That is the advantage over the NEX, larger, better ergonomics without the compromise of size or features. That was the point of the two button design I proposed.

  However, there can be both. That would make the buttons effectively be four. As you said more is better in this case. A small suggestion perhaps, would be for it not to be the AF/MF switch which would effectively kill its use. It would only be able to change other buttons but not do anything itself. Most people back button focus from there, I use it to adjust flash compensation. It also would get flipped pretty easily.

  If I may, perhaps a lever right under and to the right of the EVF would be in order here. It can have three setting, and flipped with the thumb. It could be programmed to anything, even custom modes. It would be protected from accidental hits by the eye cup of the EVF. It could even act as anther dial almost, for scene modes if Sony so wanted, or aperture priority, shutter, or movie mode. 

  Separate note: Did you see my three new ideas in the inspiration section?