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Anyone know how to write a review on the Sony website? Bought an RX100V for $1400.00, camera bites the dust after 2 months

by PeteD Rookie on ‎03-03-2017 03:43 PM

Bought the Sony RX100V the day it came out as a gift for my wife to use on our honeymoon. Fairly expensive camera ($1400) but seemed worth the cost as the features appeared to be at the top of class. On our honeymoon (about 2 months after buying the camera) the camera shut down (during a hike in hot weather) with the lens out and power LED flashing. Bring the camera in to the contracted repair shop (which looks like a thrift shop full of refubished produts for sale) and get a call that there is water and sand damage. At no point did this camera get wet and was used under NORMAL conditions on our honeymoon. $1400.00 for a camera that only works for 2 months!!! Sony customer service completely unhelpful. Apperently this camera should not be used in real world conditions but only in a bubble, a sealed dust free room, a science lab, NASA clean room etc... Customer service wastes loads of your time only to come back and say they won't fix the DEFECTIVE camera. Does anyone know where to write a review on Sony's webpage?