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by SolidState Expert on ‎06-10-2014 01:53 PM

I got two SA-NS300 homeshare speakers with my STR-DN1020 Reciver in 2010.  Worked ok, firmware and app was shaky at first but improved with time.  A year later I got two SA-NS500 speakers.  I used all 5 devices in homeshare party mode every time I'm home working around the house.  It worked great for internet radio and content stored on QNAP server.  Never had a problem.   I want to buy more speakers but in typical sony fashion they cut and run, the homeshare speaker line was discontinued after only 3 years.  Why Sony, Why?  


1) Please bring back the homeshare speakers line. You mean to tell me samsung and sonos have a better product? And sony can't compete?


2) Add the homeshare feature to the STR-DN1050. I upgraded from STR-DN1020 because of the XBR-900B 4K TV.


3) It would be nice to have a clock radio with homeshare too. I was waiting for something like this when homeshare came out or at least create a dock that uses the clock app (needs alarms).


As of now, I'm fishing on ebay for 2 more SA-NS500.