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Better Adapter for Alpha to FE Mount

by LensBusters Rookie on ‎03-20-2017 05:47 PM

I bought a Sony LA-E4 adapter since there was a rather large gap in the lens selection for E-mount cameras. Though the fancy Sony adapter pretty much works as advertized, there are substantial limitations. Ironically, many of the limitations found in the LA-E4 adapter are not found using a third party adapter (i.e. Metabones or Sigma MC11) and Canon lenses. It's too late for me as a customer, I've switched to Sigma's Art lenses for the most part. But when switching to Sony I imagined investing heavily in Alpha mount lenses like the Zeiss 135mm f1.8. I can't figure out why Sony can't make an adapter for legacy lenses that facilitates features like eye focus, or allows for focusing outside of the center of the frame etc. Again, too late for me, but hope Sony can work this out...