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Black Rapid "Proof" the New Sony ALPHA Cameras

by Hawaii-Geek Professional on ‎03-30-2014 08:08 AM

This is not a issue.


But, just wanted to post this  so it does NOT become a issue in the Future.


More and more shooters are using the Black Rapid System  ... Camera Stap that uses the Tripod Mount to carry.


Also, on Events ... large / Heavy Flashes (like the 60m)  are used with this Black Rapid system.


So, now you got maybe a heavy body a99 + heavy flash 60m  hanging on a  swinging Black Rapid strap all day or night  (talking PROs).


1)  The  Tripod Mount needs to be   Stong Enough for this


2)  The Flash Mount  Needs to be  Thick on the Metat that holds the Flash Foot.


* This was the issue  on the D700  Hot Shoe  and the sb900 ...  The  Hot Shoe metal would bend just a little ... creating  movement on the Flash ...   


* This would Fire the Flash by itself  ...  at the beginning


* But as the issue got worse  , it would  make the Flash NOT fire .


* and then it would Progress to a point that the D700 itself would not fire with the sb900 on the Hot Shoe.

Only way to get the D700 shutter working is to take the sb900 off the Hot Shoe.


* Eventually the ONLY way to solve this was a Complete Hot Shoe Replacement ...  that was clearly THICKER on the Hot Shoe metal.