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F5 OLED Viewfinder problem

by brightwood Rookie on ‎06-10-2014 09:00 AM

I have the OLED viewfinder on my F5 and after a year and 2 months it quit working properly.  Turned it on one day and the image was skipping and half of it had gone black.  I tried reseating the cable and reseting the camera and firmware but nothing helped.  I took the VF into the Sony service center in LA and a tech told me that the cable was fine and the problem was most likely with the viewfinder hardware.  After a couple days I got a quote for a $1500 repair and I was reminded that my warrenty was only good for a year.  I was a bit shocked.  My camera has been lightly used, well cared for and lives in a foam padded hard case at all times.  I told Sony that I was unhappy and mentioned that I have cameras with viewfinders that have been working fine with heavy use for over 8 years.  Eventually Sony agreed to cover the repair under warrently even though it was experied by two months.  I commend them for making that choice and taking good care of me as a customer.  I have a small owner/operator business but I work for a lot of different television productions and I do my fair share of promoting the F5 with producers, directors, and other camera people because I believe its a great product.  I hope that Sony continues to believe in this product and their customers enough to do the right thing if and when problems arise that are design or quality defects.




Peter S. Thompson

Brightwood Productions LLC

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