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Full Dive Nerve Gear Sistem

by LucasWhinter Rookie on ‎12-26-2013 08:56 AM

Hello to everyone in Sony Corporation,my name is Lucas Rodrigues,i am from brazil and ia am here because i want to tell you about the sistem Full Dive, that sistem have been seen in a anime called Sword Art Online (SAO).

In the anime,the players used 2 sistem that make they link they minds with a "avatar"online in the Game that is mencioned before,the anime pass in the year of 2022-2025,this anime make,not only me,but all the people that watch it to want to play it,want to go in this history,the sistem that they use was called NerveGear,this sistem allow to the player to have full control of his avatar without moving his real body. The NerveGear looks like a helmet with a internal battery that hold the player online in more or less 2 hours and when this time is out,the helmet execute a emergency log out,without collateral effects.

In the anime,there is a second NerveGear but his name is AMU sphere,the only diference is that is more safe than the Helmet,and it looks like a tiara,images in this email. I would like to know that is any chance to create one of those, because this is the most important part of project that i am idealizing,and the NerveGear is one of the 3 part of the project,the first is the game itself,the second is the NerveGear and the third is the most dificult part,avaliable to all over the world,so i want to know if the SONY CORPORATION can help us,me,my friend called lucas and my another friend called eric (we are all brazilian,of course)

thank you all to read this and happy new year


by DHendry1988 Rookie
on ‎03-06-2017 02:29 AM


Hi, sorry to say but although I won't argue about how powerful our brains work, I think you got a bit too hyped up in it that you didn't take into consideration what you were saying as a whole.


Yes, our brains are far more powerful than any computer known to man, but that doesn't mean our brains could handle FDVR.

Let me analogise with an example,


If the processor of your computer runs at one speed, your RAM runs at another speed, and your LAN port runs at another speed, then in order for every command produced and processed to be executed smoothly and without lag, the processor, RAM, and LAN port all have to be sending and receiving instructions at a similar pace. Too many instructions and any one of them can start to clog up with too much traffic. This causes lag and can eventually crash the system.

The same can be emulated to the idea of the brain working with computers in synchronicity.

What I'm saying is, if the brain produces too many signals, the hardware it is sending/receiving information through will start to clog up. If the networking capacity isn't large enough to accommodate all the signals being sent to and from the hardware and the central server, the networking system will clog up.
We need the brain and hardware to function at a similar pace, and likewise the networking and hardware to function at a similar pace (there wouldn't be a need to sync your brain).
But if the hardware was lacking in certain aspects then we would end up either being overly responsive in-game and become nearly precognative in our motions. It would mess with our perceptions with things when what we're doing locally doesn't get matched remotely, and the synchronicity could take us further and further away from it all.


The psychological effects of such failures could cause some serious side effects.


The brain is too powerful for modern-day computing to match the way we would like it to work. That's why this concept was always in animated form.

But I will completely agree with you, if they were to make FDVR and it were to work properly, then yes. It would be super smooth.

by Rectek Rookie
on ‎07-19-2017 06:17 PM
I really wanna make the full-dive system a reality and me and a few friends of mine are trying to find how this works to make this a reality so if anyone has already figured out how this could be made possible please answer this post so that we could work together to at least create a theoretical way that the full-dive system could work.
by Rectek Rookie
on ‎07-19-2017 06:21 PM
I was scrolling through all the comments and I saw that Ethe_V said that he figured out how it could be made possible so if you read this this please post a response to this so that we can find a way to create the full-dive technology