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Full Dive Nerve Gear Sistem

by LucasWhinter Rookie on ‎12-26-2013 08:56 AM

Hello to everyone in Sony Corporation,my name is Lucas Rodrigues,i am from brazil and ia am here because i want to tell you about the sistem Full Dive, that sistem have been seen in a anime called Sword Art Online (SAO).

In the anime,the players used 2 sistem that make they link they minds with a "avatar"online in the Game that is mencioned before,the anime pass in the year of 2022-2025,this anime make,not only me,but all the people that watch it to want to play it,want to go in this history,the sistem that they use was called NerveGear,this sistem allow to the player to have full control of his avatar without moving his real body. The NerveGear looks like a helmet with a internal battery that hold the player online in more or less 2 hours and when this time is out,the helmet execute a emergency log out,without collateral effects.

In the anime,there is a second NerveGear but his name is AMU sphere,the only diference is that is more safe than the Helmet,and it looks like a tiara,images in this email. I would like to know that is any chance to create one of those, because this is the most important part of project that i am idealizing,and the NerveGear is one of the 3 part of the project,the first is the game itself,the second is the NerveGear and the third is the most dificult part,avaliable to all over the world,so i want to know if the SONY CORPORATION can help us,me,my friend called lucas and my another friend called eric (we are all brazilian,of course)

thank you all to read this and happy new year


by LoneWolfe Rookie
on ‎12-27-2013 10:09 PM

I agree. Sony, I believe in your ability to do this. You're SOOO close, especially with the new virtual-reality thing that came out, but I want the full-dive as mentioned here, like you ACTUALLY get transported into the game. Think of it sorta like James Cameron's "Avatar" movie except the avatar is virtual and in a game. If I didn't think you could do this Sony, I wouldn't be wasting my time writing this, I'd be off finding another major company. I would love it if this happened and I'm sure millions of people would be pleased too. Merry late Christmas and a Happy New Year guys, I believe and trust in your ability to make this possible. Good luck, if you choose to accept this challenge. 

by Shadowknight94 Rookie
on ‎01-11-2014 12:39 AM

I also agree with, there is already some companies that are releasing VR equipment such as the OCULUS Rift, CastAR, but the closest one is from TED, which reads your brain waves. They already had a working prototype in 2010. Once you figure out how to easly read your brain waves/nerves, you'll already be half way there. All thats left is how to send signals back through your eye nerves to "show" you'r brain what to see (the VR world). I know it's way harder than what im making it out to be but if anyone can do it, its you guys. like the comment above, i wouldnt be writing this if i didnt think it was possible with the technology we have. I dont know if this would work, but what if you created a machine that actually captures all your electric current that your brain sends through your nerve at your neck. Than the machine will read the current and know what your brain was trying to tell your body to do but have the avatar in the VR game do it instead and that way you dont need to worry about moving either. The only thing is that you need to find a way to let vital nerve waves go though, like heart beats, lungs, etc. but i'm sure there is away. Than have the machine also send nerve currents back to your brain to tell it what to see, feel, and because our smell works off of neurons as well, you can even molipulate that as well! It guess it sounds kind of dangerous but i think its worth a shot! The ground work has already been laid out, you just need to change make beleive into reality.. Virtual Reality. 


-P.S.  Try and get this done before I ge to old to use it, I'm sure there will be a age limit on this thing for obvious reason's. Good luck, I'll be waiting.

by GameTracker Rookie
on ‎03-11-2014 09:23 AM

I also agree with this idea. Furthermore, this idea can also be useful in medical,millitary, and other practices. My very first reason to comment is based on the fact that I really wanted this device to be made as a gaming device, however I think that an invention like this could change the world. People won't have to pay too much money to practice gunnery, basketball, etc anymore because you could just buy the nervegear and the program needed and basically you have gotten all the things you need to learn something new.  Furthermore I think that this device will be very popular among gamers including me. The main reason I play mmorpg is to experience the event by myself. My very main goal is to see beautiful and new places and fight monsters,etc. However the device provided for gaming at this time is still not immersive enough. Even with the oculust rift, it is still obvious that my personal gaming experience have not increased. There is a difference between holding a sword and swaying it to attack monsters with pressing some control buttons on your laptop, you know?. Also, I think that this device can guarantee safety to our real world body more  than the oculust rift, why? because it stops your real body from moving and instead converts the brain wave you give out as a command to your in-game avatars/characters. If this device can be created I think that it can sell in many types of categories along with the gaming category. Countries will need it to train their armies in a safer method and surgeons can use it to train their juniors without risking patient's life. I know that this device will  need a lot of research, especially towards the human senses, brain waves, and nerves. However, I think that this device will be a breakthrough towards human invention if SONY can create it. Come on work on it !!  

PS: Before working on it though, I recommend someone to watch the anime first to get a more clear understanding towards the way this device work along with the problems that might get along with it.

by Killera Rookie
on ‎03-14-2014 09:52 AM

I registered for the sheer enjoyment of shooting you guys down.


First of all: Do you even understand what you are asking for? The work that lies beyond that request?


1. For this gear to even exist scientists must map all the neural network of human brain (which is almost impossible). 2. Then they must determine all the parts that send passive data (such as breathing, general work of organism etc.) for you not to die while in the VR. 3. Then we must learn to intercept just the needed amounts of neural data from entering the brain from spinal brain and THEN we must create a device that will interpret that data as a binary code (or any other code which computer will recognize). 4. AFTER that we must invent ANOTHER device that will INJECT specific data into our brain and intercept the outcome of that data 5. AND it must be done with a speed so fast that it will match the speed of neurons communicating which is on average (different types of impulses have different speeds) 100 meters per second = 6 km/minute = 360 km/hour. You understand what speed I am talking about I hope.


Now I'll explain the points: 1. Mapping the whole human brain and I mean just the neural connections in brain is massive amount of work. Yes we have general idea of how human brain works but we don't have pinpoint data about every neural connection which is in this case CRUCIAL

2. Passive data as I call it is neural impulses which tell your body to breathe, produce cells, muscular spasms etc. if we intercept these we are effectively shutting down the whole body while brain is frolicking in the VR for I think couple of minutes before we suffocate.

3. Intercepting the needed neural impulses means that we are cutting off the connection between certain parts of body to the brain thus inducing paralisis. For 5-10 hours that is mostly normal, but extended exposure to such activity can weaken the body severely thus damaging it.

4. You understand the risks of injecting data into the brain right? The thing is you must convince brain that what is happening right now is reality. Brain must see, feel, smell etc. everything you tell him to. Pain can have severe effects on body, also can fear and other negative emotions and feelings. Body constantly releases variety of chemicals to countereffect these feelings and emotions, which when they are not needed can be damaging. Not fatal but damaging.

5. in miles this is 223 mi/hour. This is a LOT. Imagine a speeding car on interstate and then double it. That's how fast it is and that is an average speed some neurons are a LOT faster while others are slower.


In conclusion: I love anime and I have a huge list of animes that I have watched in my entire life. I love SAO and would love to have a device like NerveGear, BUT I am also a realist. While Sony Corporation is a solid company which constantly evolves and has a lot of potential it is NOT a SCIENCE LAB. They cannot invent something so intricate which needs months upon years of working in biological and neorological studies. It is not JUST a device. Devices are from science not magic. Thus for the Sony to make such a device they need solid data and existing technology which they will then implement into this device.


All I wanted to say that dreaming is a good thing but stop making ridiculous request from company that has neither the ability nor the potential to do such a thing.

by Starpuff Rookie
‎03-22-2014 01:42 AM - edited ‎03-22-2014 01:44 AM

I have to agree with killera.. though on the day that we have such data accumulated (which i believe will happen one day, although not anytime soon.) I just hope that microsoft keeps out of it.. "Blue screen of death" will become a very literal phrase. Hah.


But in all seriousness, 100 years ago a device such as your everyday iphone or tablet would have been considered ludacris science fiction, if you spoke of the possibility of such a device back then you'd be regarded as a lunatic.


Take into account moore's law and take a long look at where we are now. We'll reach the technology capable of creating the "full dive system" most likely within our lifetimes, and then we will continue on to surpass it beyond expectations.

by AgentDreamer Rookie
on ‎03-24-2014 10:22 AM

I would like to expound on the idea of Nerve Gear, but first let me offer an alternative to it that you can use to do just what you are looking for.


Your mind is the key factor to everything mentioned above, thus we must not tackle the hardware, money, or difficulty of the project but instead controlling the mind.


Reality of course is not an option in any case. So we must access a world without the laws of physics, and we have that. In fact, we go to it every day, the subconscious. It may sound wacky but hear me out to the end and you will have second thoughts.


When you dream, you are in a world without limits*. The brain is processing everything you've done in the past day or so. Sometimes your brain may pull up events that happened to you in the long distant past that caused a memory to form about it. So now we have the world we need, but how do we control it or rather, use it the way we need it?


It's not a simple task, and it will take time, but it is possible to make a world in your subconscious to anything you want it to be, even one like SAO.


The one I want to mention is a process called "Lucid Dreaming"



Once you have gained control through this process, you can create your SAO world. But the limit of lucid dreaming, is to how long you can be in the world. But then again, there is a back door through it ^_^ Time in the subconious can seem to past by faster than what is really happening in the real world. Though studies have showed this false through various tests, it is still possible to be true until completely disproven. 


by AltGuyThing Rookie
on ‎04-02-2014 01:49 AM

Do it before Gates gets any ideas, you either take the full dive market noe or that guy will be all over it

by zido Rookie
on ‎04-08-2014 09:44 AM
you have to take in the risk factor here if the gear happened to some how get messed up your life could be at risk and so would Sony's name also think about it Sony has bigger fish to fry
by kiyomimesuri Rookie
on ‎04-11-2014 09:59 AM

For one, Killera, with this worlds quick advancing technology, nerve gear is VERY possible and it's sad that you don't think it is. I do 100% agree that is WILL take A LOT of work, but it's NOT impossible. Oculus Rift was just recently created and it is very close to nerve gear, the only problem with it is that you have to move for it to sense your movement and you can't just think what you want to do. It has already been spoken of that they should have something very close to nerve gear in 2018, which is only 4 years away. And a good theory is that they could connect your brain waves and thoughts to the "Nerve Gear". And if I'm correct, when dreaming you can feel, touch, taste, visualize, and hear as if it were in real life. The only problem with it is that we can't stay dreaming for as long as we want and will eventually wake up wether we want to or not, leaving other players confused, and if in a battle in a very dangerous and serious situation. And besides that, the advancement people want is for it to connect and affect your real body, which clearly wouldn't be possible with this theory, considering that while dreaming although you can feel, touch, taste, smell, visualize, and hear it doesn't affect your real body. But it is a very good idea. As long as we are willing to accept the fact that it won't affect our real bodies, and we might have automatic logout, (which can be resolved evetually) then it is VERY POSSIBLE. 

by Gilbert956 Rookie
on ‎04-26-2014 01:28 PM

I honestly would love to play a SAO type of console im tired of playing with a control i love to workout so i like to keep my body in constant movement after i saw this anime SAO i felt into an obsession into if there would ever be created anytime soon im not saying SONY create this im just saying they should take a consideration on this project it would be awsome to play and like they say in the comments above back then computers werejust a fiction something that came out in comic books and look now and plus technology today is advancing so fast this is possible. I have been searching this whole thing of SAO and many companies are trying to build it like Oculust Rift and many other companies that I read about and many have set a time goal to accomplish this project in about 5 years I would be 20 years old still young dont know bout you. Anyways SONY you can see other companies trying to create this you dont want to stay behind plus this compnies are small compared to you i would love for you to take into consideration and maybe you'll get inspired to create this awsome SAO project

by Ray0fHope Rookie
on ‎04-28-2014 03:14 PM

I would also want a device like that, I love sony products and enjoy the common use of their MP3 players, TVs and audio systems. I believe that they should begin to go into neurology and brain activity to link the nerves of the human body to feel the things inside a game like touching items, also the other senses as in seeing which we have already accomplished with screens and HUDs but possibly make the display similar to your 3D portable cinema device, smelling such as smelling fruits, hearing which we have done with audio systems and taste like eating foods inside a game which would make you feel like you ate even though you never really did. Also they should try and make it just one device (helmet like SAO or something else) and make it cordless with an internal rechargeable battery.

by VeeAre Rookie
‎06-25-2014 09:49 PM - edited ‎06-25-2014 09:51 PM

I think this would be amazing and a great step in technology. Really, if anyone invented this, it would literally ussure in an entirely new stage of advancement. In reality, this probably wouldn't be a public gaming system first though. I would see it in government stuff first, like the military for training (like has been mentioned) and other things where it is dangerous to train in reality. This would completely factor out all risks (except ones relating to the equipment itself) My only real problem with this is there ARE risks. Console games can't actually hurt you directly, but this could. Intercepting brain waves could be very dangerous on early stages of the equipment because a simple glitch could shut your body down entirely, or, like in the anime just unintentionally, the safety could fail and the device could overload destroying your brain. Another risk is one relating to human nature, not a glitch. If the device became publicly available and mass used....


What's to stop people from forgoing reality entirely?


I can see people who would enjoy the virtual world (I wouldn't call this stuff games, even if they are for entertainment. More like an artificial universe) so much that they would be totally unwilling to leave, besides for food and the bathroom. Even then, people who have the money could go under entirely with a life support system. I know it sounds crazy, but I personnally think that if this got powerful enough, entire areas may forgo reality and leave their real life to live another. This could severely damage economy and such, and become a real danger. Stuff like that though, especially on a mass scale, probably wouldn't happen for a VERY long time if at all.

All that could be avoided by a time limit on logging, such as a max of 6 hours before the device automatically logs you off and refuses to turn on again for another, say, 4 hours.

But other than that, I see no problem with this besides the sheer difficulty of developing the device and games (Can you imagine how long the games would take to code? All those smells, textures, everything, even if it is tricking your brain)


Features I would hope that would be in the system are:


A menu not unlike the one frm the anime


A friending system


A tutorial


Party systems


Support for every human sense (touch, hearing, taste, etc)


Warnings for when you are closing in on time limits, messages, when you are hungry or thirsty, etc


This sounds crazy..

A pain system

Seriously. In order to attain a true connection, you would need all the senses, including a sense of pain. Games rated M would use this and a separate warning on the title screen and case would show this game uses a pain system. Games would determine levels of pain, such as being shot, stabbed, etc and this would be toggleable. (toggling would be a must because some sad1st players might decide to tie you in a chair and torture the living you-know-what out of you for fun. I am not kidding. I am sure I know a few people who would do that) Another few would be feeling drowsy, tired, hot, cold, scared, etc.


And thats all I have to contribute, besides a name for the device:

The SONY GameDive


I would assume this device would be EXTREMELY expensive.

by Delta31234 Rookie
on ‎07-15-2014 11:42 PM

The technology is nearly there to develope the full dive system. We can read brainwaves to predict movement and we can induce chemicals in our body to stop physical movement, but we cannot induce dreams yet. So for the gear to work at this point in time we need to be awake to view the visuals of the game. There is research going on about how we can alter dreams but we are nowhere near forcing specific dreams to occur. Therefore for a full dive system to exist we need to increase our understanding of how dreams occur and of how we can change them. So we can still play the games like in SAO but we cannot do it while asleep.

by Scarecrow99 Rookie
on ‎07-16-2014 03:31 PM
I do agree with what you all are say on this matter yes it would take work and a lot of stuff to make it happen but a company is already at the stages for that though. The product is calledEMOTIV INSIGHT and I'll give you a link and click on the video and see for yourself I know it looks strange and for me to put this like this but if you watch the vedio you will know what I mean and with it a full dive could happen.
by Delta31234 Rookie
on ‎07-16-2014 03:48 PM

wow. that looks amazing and its the right technology and everything but it still doesnt hold the key to it be a full dive nerve gear as most people seem to move to be able to use it therefore it is not technically a full dive headpiece. But this astounded me i didnt know this existed, thank you for sharing this link.

by Scarecrow99 Rookie
on ‎07-16-2014 05:10 PM
True true but if they change some stuff and did the work for it and maybe even try to work with game company or something on that line it could happen but it would take time. For me for real if I saw something like it and if I could be apart of it I would because it would bring a new way for gaming and other things as well.
by Victorrate67 Rookie
‎07-28-2014 09:48 PM - edited ‎08-17-2014 08:21 PM

I think that the EMOTIV INSIGHT is the way we are going to be able to unlock the secrets too the brain. They are allmost there in being able to monitor your brain wirelessly. I for one would be a, in a sense, lab rat, so i can help the science community come out with a device like the NERVE GEAR from SAO. Yes and, like the other comments it will be able to be used for other things as well as gaming, military training, surgeon training, and many others so in my mind I thing we will be there in about 7-10 years at the least.

by Deaddub Rookie
on ‎07-31-2014 08:53 PM


and to be blunt I think that SONY really needs to get into this VR (virtual reality) since because it would be a big thing they would benefit in many ways such as the money they would make and the major advances in science and technology that would come from this it would make SONY ahead of most other companies such as Microsoft and many others. The process would be costy but the return would be significantly larger then what was put into this project and even then you can make more advances to this technology and take it even farther and make this type of gaming take over the old 2D, and TV type gaming and would far surpass any gaming experience out there. This could even be used to advanced technologies that are involved in the condition of blindness, deaf, and the mute. There is just so many ways that this technology can be used in a helpfull way and in a gaming way. But of course messing with the human lifestyle is a risky buisness because of ethics but there are more people like me that see that the pro's far out weigh the con's and I would even put myself up for testing this technology out for the soul purpose of research and development of this technology and I'm willing to do anything to get this technology out there so that it amplifies the experience of the common day gamer and maybe even save peoples lives and benefit science.

                                                              Thank you for your attention and time.

by Koshikoi Rookie
on ‎08-05-2014 12:16 AM


As we know that something like that can actually effect our real body if not customize correctly and it could be quite dangerous,because the whole point of this gear is to make our brain believe everything it is seeing and feeling is real and the power of psychology is strong,you can imagine you lift and if you do it enough you can actually get stronger,I won't really think that it's safe

by Gunhawk Rookie
‎08-19-2014 03:47 AM - edited ‎08-19-2014 03:51 AM


yeah, we know that it would be dangerous, but personally I am willing to take that risk. because the benefits would be amazingly surpassing the risks. This technology could be used in almost every aspect of our life. So the benefits of that tech are much more bigger than risks, at least for me.


"If you cannot risk, you cannot grow."


So, sony please create this technology. I know it will take lot of time and work, but It surely will be worth it. Besides I can't wait to fully jump into world like this from SAO Smiley Happy. Mouse + keyboard or pad simply isn't enough for me