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Full dive virtual reality.

by DanielStables Rookie ‎09-26-2013 05:43 PM edited ‎11-25-2013 10:54 AM

Imagine a headset that can transfer your consciousness into a game or other entertainment of your choice. Think about coming home after a long day and then diving into a world of fantasy,action or si-fi. Full dive virtual reality is something that i hope to see in the next 3-5 years, and i think Sony can make it happen.


We are at that point in time where our technology can make full dive possible and the world just needs a company to step forward and bring it to life, and i think that company is Sony.

by Gilbert956 Rookie
on ‎04-26-2014 01:43 PM

It would be awsome to have video games turn into this type of gaming just like a japanese anime called SAO it really makes you want to play games like that i agree with this guy SONY take this into consideration

by raixac Rookie
on ‎07-09-2015 02:44 PM

it would be cool for them to do a full dive but you also would need game designers, scientists, and people that are willing to be tested on no matter the consequences. This full dive idea can be great but it can also be hurt full to who ever its being tested on because you never know what it can do to that persons brain or even psychological state but i would love to see this happen especially being a gamer my self

by CoventryKing Rookie
on ‎03-17-2016 05:31 PM

I'm new to virtual reality but if we could create full dive vr it would change the world. I would do anything to see my uncle walk in a vr world. We just need a company willing to push the limits. If you need a beta tester, I would do it in a heartbeat I dont care about the risk im willing to put my life online to see the full dive vr.