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Next gen Sony PSP smartphone

by nzdesign Rookie on ‎12-17-2016 12:11 AM

Since the release of Xperia PLAY in 2011, and the latest Xperia XZ, many people must have wondered when will be the next Sony flagship smartphone and how will it be. My idea that I would like to present is, Sony's next PSP Smartphone. It is up to Sony's design team that is must be a flagship smartphone. Despite a lot of new games, Sony PSP Smartphone must support major or various high graphic games. Best processor to tackle this may be the NVidia Tegra X1 or future NVidia mobile processor. Other types of high-end processor include Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 with its integrated Adreno 530 graphic. LPDDR4E 6GB to 8GB of RAM will be an added advantage to its specs. In terms of screen type, size, and mobility, Sony need to start using AMOLED type screen for intense graphics display and experience. Curve type is an added advantage to its design. In PS Vita, the screen size is only mere 5" HD display, for nowadays, 5.5" FHD screen display is quite normal for all smartphones. Some user might dislike big screen phones. However Sony PSP Smartphone it created for gamers or smartphone enthusiast. Best fit for screen size would be Sony's flagship 6" display with not 2K but intense 4K resolution. Within the design, PS Vita has the rounded end to end, so does the Xperia Play, but if were to design in that way, the smartphone might look very long in width. A slide up screen like the one in Xperia Play still does the job well. The only thing that may need to be implemented in its control panel is a physical hardware joystick. By this time, IP68 might be come in handy as well. A second type of design, an additional gamepad comes in the box to snap on the phone on it. Then this device will work as a power bank and controller / gamepad. Going to its camera part, best is Sony can hook up this device with latest IMX378 sensor which feature 12.3 megapixel with 1.55 um cell size for the rear camera. All the current laser technology in the Xperia XZ is an added advantage to the rear camera technology. The front camera is suitable with Sony IMX219PQ which feature 8.08 megapixel with wide angle ability. With a big improvement that can be adapted into Sony Bionz image processing, it will be the best camera in the market like no others. Sony may also need to do improvement as well in its audio technology. Continuing Sony Walkman features or integrating Sony X-Plod technology in smartphone will be a new era to the market. Not only will it enhance the user experience in music, but as well for intense gaming. Sony may be capable of building 4 front facing surround speakers. Running with latest android Nougat or next Adroid O, Sony will be able to build its device with less commercial apps and enhance with Sony's own experience such as Walkman music player etc. Last but not lease, a high capacity power pack up to 4000mAh to 6000mAh with fast charging ability. Accelerometer, 5 – Axis Gyro, and all other beneficial sensor for gaming and other activities is an added advantage. – Thanks for reading. Sony Xperia Z2 User.