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by cernac Enthusiast on ‎04-17-2017 03:09 PM

In-camera jpeg HDR comes with the camera. For an upgrade one can add in-camera RAW HDR with Digital Filter and Sky HDR, so I know that RAW HDR is possible. Is there a reason that I can't just do an in-camera RAW HDR without fussing around with boundary lines?  


Additionally, it would be neat if you could tell the camera how many shots of each exposure to take. Let's say you slap on an ND filter, stop down to F22, take 3 pictures at each of 7 exposure levels, then merge all into an HDR--it would be an automatic long exposure HDR consisting of 21 shots spread over at least 21 seconds.



Sony users, if you agree, please second this: "Sony, please allow for in-camera RAW HDR!"